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Dontavious Jackson discusses FSU’s slow starts and self-inflicted mistakes

“I’m going to give everything I have these last two weeks”

FSU linebacker Dontavious Jackson talks to the media after Florida State falls to Notre Dame.

Florida State linebacker Dontavious Jackson spoke to the media following FSU’s 42-13 loss to Notre Dame on Saturday night. Jackson finished as the game’s leading tackler with eleven total, including racking up an incredible ten solo tackles, which was four more than anyone else for either team. Despite that, Jackson was visibly frustrated and understandably so. The Irish had gained 365 yards rushing on 50 carries, a 7.3 yard per rush average. Notre Dame running back Dexter Williams ran for 202 yards on just 20 carries. Williams had runs of 58, 32, and 26 yards, two of which went for touchdowns.

Jackson spoke about FSU’s slow starts, and self-inflicted mistakes. He specifically named mental mistakes and penalties as common culprits. He was also asked about how the team is dealing with the adversity of a potential losing season and trying to keep the bowl streak alive, Florida State’s remaining games, and what he believes the team needs to do to right the ship.

Dontavious Jackson post-game interview

Posted by on Sunday, November 11, 2018