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Jacques Patrick discusses the slow start and pressing after another FSU loss

“It’s hard to run the ball when you’re down”.

Jacques Patrick speaks to the media after the loss to Notre Dame.

Florida State running back Jacques Patrick answered tough questions after FSU’s 42-13 loss to Notre Dame, the Seminoles’ third in a row. Whereas linebacker Dontavious Jackson dismissed any notion of pressing in this situation, Patrick felt that might have something to do with FSU’s current struggles. He was asked about whether the players realize they’re pressing and how they can overcome it. In the red zone however, Patrick pointed to poor execution.

He also spoke about the slow start, and how it affected the offense. He segued into turnovers and how costly it is to spot your opponent early points, and how that affects momentum. Patrick also answered questions about what the locker room is like with two games left and needing two wins to preserve Florida State’s bowl streak.

Patrick finished with 53 yards on 16 carries, a paltry 3.3 yard per rush average, but did have an 11-yard run in the second quarter for a first down.

Jacques Patrick discusses starting slow and pressing after another Florida State Seminoles Football loss:

Posted by on Saturday, November 10, 2018