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James Blackman describes the state of FSU football

“When they called my number, I was gonna be ready.”

James Blackman talks to the media after FSU’s 47-28 loss to NC State.

Florida State sophomore quarterback James Blackman met with the media after FSU’s 47-28 loss to NC State on Saturday. He was asked about his performance and the performance of the offense despite the loss. Blackman is the consummate teammate and gave well-coached but genuine answers. Despite Florida State’s current tough predicament in trying to make a bowl game this season, when Blackman was asked about his chemistry with the explosive receiver Tamorrion Terry and his feelings about being back in the lineup, he couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. That positivity is infectious, and Blackman couldn’t stop himself from smiling again when asked what it’s like to throw the ball to Terry. It only stands to reason then he would also be asked about how he uses his positivity and optimism in his leadership, and it’s safe to say Blackman’s teammates are not only receptive but also reciprocate. It’s not a coincidence Blackman segued seamlessly from his optimism into how hard he and his teammates work. He was asked about the difference in the play-calling between offensive coordinator Walt Bell and head coach Willie Taggart. This was the first time all season Bell has called plays.