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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU hires an offensive coordinator

Florida State finds an offensive coordinator

NCAA Football: Florida at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Not much news happens the week before Christmas. Nope, not much news at all. Tomahawk Nation will obviously have much much more on this in the coming days and weeks.


Kevon Glenn was named 5-A All-State in Georgia.


From a football perspective Kendall Briles is certainly a great hire as the number show. (Bowl game numbers are not hugely indicative of regular season performance but it’s still a feather in the cap for FSU’s offensive coordinator.)

As expected Levonta Taylor has decided to return for his senior year.

It was looking like freshmen WR Warren Thompson was going to leave the program this off season but maybe things are turning around.

Ohio State’s Tate Martell under values free swinging with one strike. You really don’t have to get defensive at the plate until you have two strikes on you. Otherwise you’re just playing into the pitcher’s hand.


FSU extended their record to 11-1 with a dominate performance against a solid St Louis team.


Happy Birthday, Ernie!