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Wednesday’s FSU basketball rooting guide

FSU gets to sit back and watch teams lose

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was solid for FSU’s chances of dancing. Arkansas, Texas A&M, and Missouri - three teams the ‘Noles are jockeying with for position - all lost at home. Plus, FSU out of conference opponent The Citadel picked up a huge win by knocking off a top-75 RPI team on the road.

Here’s who you should be rooting for tonight.

North Carolina at Syracuse (7 PM, ESPN)

This one is tricky. FSU has beaten both, and UNC will remain a Q1 win regardless. If Syracuse were to win this game, then their projected RPI would be 30, which could add them to FSU’s list of very important Q1 wins. But if Syracuse (in last 4-in territory) loses, then Florida State slides a game ahead of them in the ACC standings. I say Go Orange, but won’t be too concerned if they lose.

Clemson at Virginia Tech (7 PM, ESPN3)

Another tough one! Clemson is ahead of FSU. Virginia Tech is behind. Florida State plays Clemson twice, so it’s a bigger factor in the Seminoles’ strength of schedule. I think Clemson is safely within the top 30 RPI bubble that will keep FSU’s win over the Tigers in Quadrant 1. So I’m leaning Clemson. Thoughts?

Michigan at Penn State (7 PM, BTN)

Penn State is desperate for this win as they probably need to jump a few teams to sneak in. Michigan, meanwhile, is a nose ahead of the Seminoles. Lions!

TCU at Iowa State (8 PM)

Iowa State is not good. TCU is right there with the Seminoles. Cyclones!

Alabama at Auburn (8:30 PM, SECN)

This is a big game. Bama and FSU have similar resumes. Auburn is well ahead. A Bama win would move them at least a full seed line ahead of Florida State. Bruce Pearl!

Louisville at Duke (9 PM, ESPN)

FSU won’t catch Duke, and Louisville should remain strong enough to give FSU a Q1 win. So probably Duke here, as that would drop the Cardinals into a tie with FSU in the ACC standings.

Florida at Tennessee (9 PM, ESPN2)

Mike White is taking that ship in for a crash landing. We just need the Gators to stay in the RPI top 75 for our win to count in Q1, and they should be okay. We’re also neck-and-neck in the seeding race, while we ain’t catching the Volunteers unless we go bananas. Vols!

Out of conference foes in action: Oklahoma State, George Washington, Fordham, Loyola (MD), Tulane, Colorado State