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Tuesday’s FSU basketball rooting guide

We hope you lose, bubble teams.

NCAA Basketball: Colorado State at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We’re getting down to it. Florida State is currently in good position to make the Dance, but there’s still work to do. Whether FSU needs one or two more wins is largely going to be decided by many of the other 351 Division I teams hoping to make the NCAA Tournament.

So who to root against tonight?

Missouri at Vanderbilt (7 PM, ESPN2)

One of the biggest games of the night. Missouri and FSU are tough to separate. You got this, Vandy.

Florida at Alabama (7 PM, ESPN)

Bama and FSU are neck and neck, while UF is probably slightly ahead of both. A Florida win is probably best, as it would hurt a weaker team, while also helping FSU’s RPI and SOS. Hold your nose and “Go Gata” (it wouldn’t take much of a counter argument to convince me the Tide should win).

Tennessee at Mississippi State (7 PM, SEC Network)

MSU is hanging on by their fingernails, and we want the bubble to be as soft as possible. Go Vols.

Miami at North Carolina (9 PM, ESPN)

Not sure there’s a bad result here. A Miami win means they probably jump ahead of Florida State, but it also strengthens FSU’s resume in a way a UNC win would not. However, a win by the Tar Heels knocks off a team that the Seminoles are competing with for ACCT and NCAAT seeding.

DePaul at Creighton (9 PM, FS1)

DePaul isn’t going to win, but it sure would be great if they found a way. Blue Demons unite.

Kansas State at TCU (9 PM, ESPNU)

At this point, I’m more worried about a soft landing should FSU finish with a whimper than how high the ’Noles can rise with a flurry. With that in mind, KSU is behind FSU, while TCU is several teams ahead. Horned Frogs!

Davidson at St. Bonaventure (9 PM, CBS Sports)

You want St. Bonaventure to win because they have a cute nickname. Well, GTFO and go Davidson! This would put a serious kink in the Bonnies at-large hopes.

Auburn at Arkansas (9 PM, SEC Network)

Arkansas is 1-2 seed lines ahead of Florida State. Picking up a big win against Auburn might keep them ahead of the ’Noles for good. War Eagle!

Boise State at San Diego State (11 PM, CBS Sports)

Boise State’s at-large hopes could be looking blue with a loss. Aztecs!

Out of conference foes in action: Oklahoma State, Charleston Southern, and Loyola (MD).