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Florida State football, recruiting news: FSU’s offensive line will kick butts & take names

Anonymous ACC defensive coaches are not impressed with FSU’s wide receivers after last season.


Dickerson is confident that the FSU offensive line can adjust to the pace, and that this unit will get back to doing what it’s supposed to do on the field.

”(As) offensive linemen, you’re just kind of kicking butt and taking names,” Dickerson said.

”That’s pretty much what we’re going to do.”

That’s what junior offensive lineman Landon Dickerson had to say about adjusting the new physical demands of being in the ‘Gulf Coast Offense’; being injured really put things into prospective for Dickerson but now he’s back and ready to dominate.

Why did Demarcus Christmas spurn the NFL draft and return to Florida State for one more year? Because he doesn’t break promises to his parents.

In terms of projecting future offenses an anonymous ACC defensive coordinator is impressed with FSU’s running backs and unimpressed with its collection of wide receivers. (Insider)

An arguably bigger short-term concern is wide receiver, as the Seminoles’ top returnee, Keith Gavin, had 27 catches last year. “I wasn’t impressed,” an ACC coach said. “I don’t know how much of it was scheme, how much of it was [Francois’ injury].”

FSU signed two ESPN 300 wideouts in the 2018 class, and sophomore D.J. Matthews should have a bigger role. “They couldn’t fit him in last year,” an ACC defensive coordinator said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s mentioned as a guy to keep an eye on.”


Four-star offensive guard out of Tampa, Florida Will Putnam is visiting today:

A four-star 2020 defensive end committed to Miami just took his first visit to FSU and he really enjoyed it.

FSU safety commit Travis Jay is an Under-Armour All-American:

FSU’s basketball signee Devin Vassell’s senior mixtape is pretty good:

Other Sports:

FSU fans should be glad Leonard Hamilton is our coach according to the Tampa Bay Times.

FSU Baseball took care of business vs. No. 18 Louisville.

Imani Wright competed in the 3-point contest, her high score was 16:

Unfortunately, she was eliminated after the second round.

Divisional play is here and FSU has a 32-game ACC winning streak on the line: