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Thursday’s FSU basketball rooting guide

Let’s group-hate bubble teams

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Championship-Kansas vs TCU Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day for FSU’s tourney hopes, aside from the whole losing to Louisville thing. Several teams that Florida State is competing with for seeding took L’s as well, and most of them lost to teams with no chance of dancing.

So here’s who to root for today.

Louisville vs Virginia (Noon, ESPN)

UL may be in with the victory over FSU. They’ll definitely be in if they knock off No. 1. Hoos!

TCU vs Kansas State (12:30, ESPN2)

Pitt just fired Kevin Stallings (and have to pay a $9 mil buyout), because they got tired of always making the tourney. TCU, under Pitt’s old coach, is discovering that making the dance is actually pretty fun. They’re a lock. KSU is not. Horned Frogs!

Alabama vs Texas A&M (1:00, SECN)

A&M is ahead of FSU. Bama is behind. Go Aggies.

Oklahoma State vs Kansas (2:30, ESPN2)

OSU did us a solid yesterday by knocking off Oklahoma. But now they’re getting dangerously close to passing Florida State on the s-curve. So thanks Cowboys, but good-bye.

Providence vs Creighton (2:30, FS1)

With two bubble teams in action, any result is probably good. But Providence is more bubbly than Creighton, so root for the Blue Jays.

Georgia vs Missouri (3:00, SECN)

FSU and Mizzou are pretty close. Georgia is pretty close to firing their coach. Go Dawgs.

UNLV vs Nevada (3:00, CBSSN)

The Mountain West and Atlantic 10 are the most likely conferences to have bid thieves. So we want Nevada to win this tourney. Let’s party in Reno.

Stanford vs UCLA (5:30, P12)

The Bruins are hanging on by their paws. Go Trees.

Notre Dame vs Duke (7:00, ESPN)

The committee will likely bend over backwards to get Notre Dame into the dance. If they win here, they won’t have to bend far. Let’s make the Crazies happy.

Texas vs Texas Tech (7:00, ESPN2)

Gotta put an end to this Texas thing. Go TTU!

Marquette vs Villanova (7:00, FS1)

A win would likely propel Marquette into the Dance. We don’t want that. Nova.

Oregon State vs USC (9:00, P12)

The Beavers beat bubbly Washington in OT yesterday, so let’s do it again vs the Trojans. OSU.

Baylor vs West Virginia (9:00, ESPN2)

We don’t want Baylor getting funny notions of moving up in the seeding. Huggy Bear!

Out of conference foes in action: Tulane, Southern Miss, George Washington