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We’re hiring: Daytime blogger

Are you available to write a quick article during normal work hours and want to get paid?

Hey y’all,

We’re looking for some very specific help. We need help blogging news items during the day. This is paid work.

Writing skill: You need to be a competent writer. That means decent enough grammar to be able to publish stories on your own that might not be edited for a minute. You don’t need to have great prose. Just proficient grammar.

Technological skill: You must be able to add photos to a story from our photo bank, copy and paste links to tweets so that the publishing platform embeds them, know how to hyperlink stories, etc. If you can do Wordpress, you can do this, but some level of technical skill is required. And there will be a slight learning curve using our publishing platform, though it is one of the most intuitive on the internet.

Communication: We communicate via Slack chat. This is a desktop and mobile app. This is how you’ll communicate with us.

Knowledge of FSU football and news: You need to have a working knowledge of the roster, coaching staff, and program in order to add some contextual insight to further the discussion on news articles. You’ll need to be familiar with finding news on Twitter, so having a Twitter account and following major FSU and college football accounts is a must.

Knowledge of Tomahawk Nation: Having someone from our own community is helpful when writing articles.

Workload: This involves writing about 20 articles per month. This is mostly blogging/aggregation, making sure that news items, press releases, etc. get on Tomahawk Nation so that they can be discussed by our 10,000+ members. These blogs are between 150-500 words, and generally take about 10-30 minutes.

You will also be asked to post your blog link on our Facebook page.

Availability: This is important. We need someone who is available 9-4ish. The amount of actual work being done is minimal (less than three hours per week), but when it occurs during the workday can vary quite a bit. We need someone who has the flexibility at his/her day job to be able to log on to the site and assist with news coverage during this time frame. We know from our stats that some of you hang out in the comment section all day, so there has to be someone who has the availability to do this and the desire to pick up some extra cash each month. Perhaps you work from home, or have completely unmonitored internet access at your job. Awesome!

Apply by filling out this form.