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Rapper Plies has arrived

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All kinds of stars are coming to Tallahassee for Saturday Night Live.

Bud Elliott

Three gold albums, three platinum singles and one visit to Tallahassee for Saturday Night Live. That’s the resume now for rapper ‘Plies’; the Fort Myers born rapper has officially arrived for Willie Taggart’s huge recruiting event. Plies has always been a huge fan of Willie Taggart going back to his USF days:

Remember two years ago when all of the Florida born college football players started running in place after scoring touchdowns? He’s the reason why:

Recruiting is Willie Taggart’s bread and butter and one of the reasons why he’s so good at is because of his ability to connect with the community in a genuine way and his ability to recognize what’s popular here in Florida and incorporate it within the program.

Will a recruit commit to Florida State just because Plies showed up on campus? Probably not but you can’t deny Willie’s ability to pull high profile talent to Tallahassee now.