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Nation’s top 2019 basketball prospect, James Wiseman, has FSU in his final top eight

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The ’Noles are among some elite company.

James Wiseman
USA Today

Florida State basketball announced itself on the national scene quite impressively this March, making an impressive run to the Elite Eight. And now it’s made the final eight of the country’s No. 1 prospect for 2019.

Center James Wiseman (6’11, 210) is from Memphis, Tennessee’s East High School, and the fire-star prospect is considered the country’s most elite prize in the 2019 recruiting sweepstakes. Recently, Wiseman narrowed his destination for next year to eight possible schools, and FSU is one of them, along with Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas, Vanderbilt, Texas, Memphis, and North Carolina. A couple of weeks ago, he specified that Memphis and Kentucky were out in front, and the Wildcats have really been hitting him with visits since the latter part of last year.

The Seminoles offered Wiseman on April 30 of this year but have not yet gotten him on campus. Check out Wiseman’s announcement video, below, which is pretty cool.