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The Top 100 FSU Football plays: No.58—T.K. Wetherell’s razzle dazzle stuns Miami

How many schools can say a former president had wheels like this?

T.K. Wetherell

Date: September 24th, 1966

Opponent: Miami Hurricanes

Location: The Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida.

1966 was an odd season for Florida State. Head Coach Bill Petersen was in his seventh season and Bobby Bowden had just left his position as wide receivers coach to be the offensive coordinator at West Virginia. Florida State was coming off a 4-5-1 season in 1965 and wouldn’t fare much better in 1966 finishing 6-5 but the ‘66 Seminoles were better than their record.

In 1966 Florida State lost four one-score games against teams that went a combined 35-7-1 but the remarkable thing about 1966 is not FSU’s strength of schedule but the victory it had against Miami.

From 1963 to 1972 Florida State played Miami seven straight times in the Orange Bowl. Florida State won all seven of those games.

The 1966 victory is particularly sweet because FSU had to come back three separate times to secure the victory over the nationally lauded hurricanes. It was late in the second quarter after Miami’s Jeff Daanen had just caught his second TD pass of the day when this happened:

Bill Moremen caught the ball at the six, sprinted to the 17, turned and threw a lateral to T.K. Wetherell (yes, former FSU president T.K. Wetherell) whom then proceeded to sprint 83 yards down the sideline nearly untouched for the Florida State touchdown.

It wasn’t the first time this occurred; Moremen and Wetherell combined on a similar touchdown the year before vs. Kentucky. I know it was the 1960s and film was grainy but I guess the Hurricanes failed to do their homework on FSU’s special teams.

Florida State would comeback one more time to secure the victory, 23-20. The third victory in the first of FSU’s seven-game winning streaks vs. the Hurricanes.

But the truth is that victory would’ve been much more difficult to secure if it wasn’t for Thomas Kent Wetherell forever known as T.K: Wide receiver, defensive back, administrator, politician, former president of Florida State University, and now No. 58 in the Top 100 FSU football plays of all-time countdown because of his 83 yard dash vs. the Miami Hurricanes.