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Florida State football, recruiting news: Over/under for the season opener released

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Plus — hear from Brian Burns and Harlon Barnett during Wednesday’s practice.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game
FSU head coach Willie Taggart embraces fans after the spring game in April.
Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports


Here’s everything you need to know from the Seminoles’ practice on Wednesday at IMG.

The season opener is just over two weeks away. Vegas has just released its over/under projections. Find out who the line says will win and by how much as Bud Elliott gets you up to speed.

Hear Brian Burns and Joshua Kaindoh talk about getting after the opposing quarterback this season.

Defensive coordinator Harlon Barnett believes that his defenses can adapt to the changing offenses in college football. Here’s what he had to say on Wednesday.

Deion Sanders was one of the most electrifying players in the history of FSU football. This play might be the most memorable of his collegiate career — it was so good that it comes in at No. 19 on our countdown of the top-100 plays in Florida State football history.

See where Tallahassee lands on the ACC power rankings of the best local craft brewery. Yes, you heard us right.


Wide receiver Auden Tate is already making a ton of noise in the Bengals’ pre season.

Former Seminole quarterback Jalen Ramsey has been gaining much attention lately due to his comments on each NFL quarterback. Here’s a link to the GQ article about him.

He’s truly got the attention of one NFL Network analyst.

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Here’s your complete 2018 season preview for Mark Krikorian’s FSU women’s soccer team.