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Florida State’s Odell Haggins enjoying the process heading into season opener

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The longest-tenured coach on FSU’s staff is excited for the new season

Odell Haggins, technically, has the best winning percentage as head coach in Florida State’s history, but he’s not trying to hear, or talk, about it.

Asked about the emotions behind his time serving as interim head coach following Jimbo Fisher’s departure, the longtime Seminole responded with an assertion that it’s Willie Taggart’s team now, and that he’s okay not talking about his temporary time as the main man.

Haggins spoke to the media on Sunday, August 19 as part of Florida State’s annual Media Day, and as he’s wont to do, gave props to Florida State’s new head coach in a couple of ways. He said he was grateful for the chance to bust his butt, that there’s new energy and excitement as the Seminoles head into the new year, and that he’s excited to see the end result of it.

View video of the interview from our Michael Hudak here or below:

Odell Haggins speaks at Media Day

Odell Haggins talks about accountablility and about this being Coach Taggart's team now

Posted by on Sunday, August 19, 2018