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Florida State OL coach Greg Frey draws parallel between Bowden and Taggart

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Frey also gave props to Brian Burns and Landon Dickerson

Offensive line coach Greg Frey spoke with the media Sunday morning during FSU’s annual Media Day. Our Michael Hudak was there to interview him.

Frey addressed a variety of topics during his interview, but more specifically spoke about Landon Dickerson’s versatility, how DE Brian Burns is an asset to the offense and parallels between former HC Bobby Bowden and current HC Willie Taggart.

Something interesting that Coach Frey addressed was about the benefits the offense has to go against a defensive player like Brian Burns in practice. Junior Brian Burns was named to the 2018 Bednarik Award Watch List and is known to be a very competitive player. Coach Frey said that “Burns has exploited some things for us, but it has also helped us because our guys have attacked those issues and gotten better at them.”

Coach Frey was also asked to compare Bobby Bowden and Willie Taggart. Frey was a member of the Seminoles’ 1993 national championship team as a player. He said “They are both people that you like and you want to play for, that you respect and their honest and their integrity. Each have their own way of delivering a message, and you see a loyalty to the place, you see a loyalty to the program. I can’t tell you what its like to coach for Bowden or what its like to play for Taggart, but there are some parallels there.”

Offensive Line Coach Grey Frey speaks with the Media

Greg Frey talks about Landon Dickerson's versatility, the growth of the offensive line, and how much farther they have to go.

Posted by on Sunday, August 19, 2018