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Florida State DC Harlon Barnett happy with veteran players adapting to leadership roles

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Defensive players are stepping up and getting in shape during fall camp.

Florida State’s Defensive Coordinator Harlon Barnett spoke with the media Sunday morning during FSU’s Media Day. Our Michael Hudak was there to interview him.

Barnett had multiple praises when asked about Senior DE Walvenski Aimé. In case you didn't know, Wally dropped at least 25 pounds during his shift from defensive tackle to defensive end and continues to transform physically. Coach Barnett said that he is playing really well and that he is glad that Wally is with the team. He also spoke highly of DE coach Mark Snyder and his work with the defensive ends.

Coach Barnett further emphasized players who are stepping up and taking important leadership roles on the team. He stated that being a leader is not just talking about it, it’s also about being about it and that playing well and doing all the right things off the field are factors that contribute to being a great leader as well. Aside from Brian Burns, he mentioned a few players who are doing all of the things that he mentioned. He specifically pointed out Senior Demarcus Christmas as a player who is molding into that leadership role and said that since Christmas is a not a very vocal guy, when he speaks people listen.

FSU DC Harlon Barnett speaks with the media on Fan Day

Harlon Barnett spoke about veteran players embracing leadership roles in his new defense.

Posted by on Sunday, August 19, 2018