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FSU debuts at 19th in Coaches Poll

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Quite the jump for a team fresh off seven wins.

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

College football’s preseason Coaches Poll, featuring Bama and 24 other teams, is out.

And Florida State debuts at 19th.

FSU finished the 2017 unranked in the poll, which included votes for 39 various teams. The jump reflects voters confidence in FSU’s talent level, fresh coaching, and long-term bias toward CFB blue-bloods.

The poll also confirms what we’ve said all along about this year’s strength of schedule (to recap: Magnús Ver Magnússon), as FSU faces four of the top seventeen teams in the poll: #2 Clemson, @ #8 Miami, @ #11 Notre Dame, and #17 Virginia Tech.

Additionally, FSU will play #27 Florida at home, #34 Boston College at home, #36 North Carolina State University on the road, and #58 Louisville on the road.

That’s 8 of 12 games against the upper half of college football big boys. In related news, Florida State’s win season total set by Vegas is currently around 8 wins.