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Report: Florida State Athletics Director Stan Wilcox to take NCAA job

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Florida State’s five-year athletic director will have an executive position with the organization

Stan Wilcox

Five years and nearly two weeks to the day after Stan Wilcox was hired as Florida State’s athletic director, news has surfaced that he will be leaving the school for a position of Executive Vice President with the NCAA.

Under Wilcox, the school has won three national championships (2013 in football, 2014 in soccer and 2018 in softball), a plethora of ACC Championships, and has had general success in all sports.

A university source tells Tomahawk Nation that Wilcox was generally liked by the decision makers, and they believed he was doing a good job. However, the “ No. 2 job at the NCAA is simply too good to pass up.”

That NCAA position could position Wilcox to become a conference commissioner down the line, should he wish to do so. He has experience at Notre Dame and Duke, as well as experience with the Big East conference.

Florida State will conduct a national search for an AD who understands the opportunities and challenges of the position.