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FSU uniforms announced for home opener

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A different look for the Seminoles in their Labor Day matchup

Excitement is swirling around Tallahassee as the Seminoles’ home opener against Virginia Tech nears, and if you’re a lover of alternate uniforms like I am, that excitement level rose just a little bit more this morning as Florida State Football announced that they would be bringing out the previously seldom-used all black alternates against Tech. The last time the Seminoles wore the all-blacks was against Chattanooga in 2015.

Coming from Oregon, where there are seemingly endless uniform combinations, the topic quickly arose of whether or not Taggart would mix it up at Florida State, where traditionally flashy uniform combinations have been strayed away from. Taggart made it clear when he first took the helm, that he planned on utilizing different uniform combinations, which is a stark contrast from the last seven years.

Players, recruits, and most fans seem to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to rock alternate uniforms, and there is no better time to pull out an all-black iteration than under the lights in a prime-time game.

The Seminoles will come through drippin’ on Monday night.