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Calling all ‘Noles, blackout Doak September 3rd

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FSU Football players are calling on fans to help them blackout Doak

Caleb OneBarrelRum

This morning Tomahawk Nation reported Florida State Football’s announcement that they would be wearing their black alternate uniforms for the labor day clash against Virginia Tech. The switch from the traditional home uniforms is far from the norm, especially for an opening game. Many fans were excited at the announcement, while some are a little superstitious about wearing the black uniforms, or just prefer the more traditional look all together.

Regardless of what side you fall on, the players are hyped about being able to don the all-blacks. So much so, that some have taken to social media in an attempt to get fans to join them in wearing all black and blacking-out Doak on Monday night.

The last time the players were able to wear the black jerseys it was a 3:00 pm kickoff against an underwhelming Chattanooga team. Not exactly great conditions to incite fans to join them in wearing black, especially in the Florida sun.

This time the players are taking full advantage of wearing them in a prime-time night game, and they want the fans to do the same.

So, reach into the back of your closet and dust off that black ‘Noles shirt that’s been sitting there since 2015, then strap in for what should be an electric atmosphere on September 3rd.