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FSU Football Practice Report: The Seminoles prepare for Syracuse

Florida State hopes to avoid an 0-2 start in conference play.

Today’s practice was the last practice of the week with a viewing portion open to the media. The Seminoles will hit the road for the first time this week to play against Syracuse and kickoff is at noon on Saturday.

Florida State started off practice once again this morning with their own variation of Oklahoma drills that they themselves have coined Nole drills. The three-tiered drill’s objective is for the defensive players to stop the running back and for the offensive players to get their running back into the end zone.


The offensive line continues to change as the team attempts to find five players who mesh well together. RG Cole Minshew appeared to be working back with the first-team today despite both of his ankles still being heavily taped. Minshew has been splitting reps with Mike Arnold and is one of the few remaining ORs still on the depth chart. Outside of right guard, the rest of the starting offensive line appeared to be the same with LT Jauan Williams, LG Arthur Williams, C Alex Eberle, and RT Derrick Kelly. Both Baveon Johnson and Brady Scott of the second-team took reps at center, but Scott also worked in and out at left tackle while Johnson worked in and out at left guard as well. Tackles Derrick Kelly, Abdul Bello and Chaz Neal were all working to the side with a grad assistant while the rest of the O-line worked in with Coach Frey.

TE Tre’ McKitty did a nice job blocking LB DeCalon Brooks, while WR George Campbell had a hard time blocking DB Stanford Samuels who blew right past him. It is important to note that it is harder for players in the third-tier of these drills because of how long they are expected to maintain a block in space.

Anthony Grant showed just how much depth Florida State has at RB and impressed during Nole drills.


OL Landon Dickerson was once again absent from practice. He was seen sporting an ankle brace on his left ankle during the game against Samford.


LB Zaquandre White made it on to the depth chart for the first time yesterday as the reserve behind Star Jaiden Woodbey. He was also named starting kick returner alongside RB Amir Rasul. White recorded some nice reps today when up against TE Camren Mcdonald during Nole drills and was able to tackle RB Anthony Grant in result.

LB Amari Gainer appeared to be completely healed from his foot injury that he suffered during fall camp. During Nole drills Gainer beat out TE Alex Marshall to help bring down RB Amir Rasul near the line of scrimmage.


DB Isaiah Bolden was not seen at practice. He went down with an apparent shoulder injury during the game against Samford.

LB Jaiden Woodbey sported a non-contact jersey.

LB DeCalon Brooks sported a non-contact jersey.

LB Adonis Thomas was not seen at practice today

Special Teams

Kicker Ricky Aguayo was hitting field goals once again this morning, but Logan Tyler was out there hitting field goals as well. Tyler is not usually seen attempting field goals at practice, but it appeared that he was doing this on his own without direction from the coaches.