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Gameday Central: Virginia Tech at Florida State

The wait if finally over. New coach, new look. Time for the ‘Noles to Do Something.

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Gameday Central

Virginia Tech at Florida State 8:00 PM ET

Watch: ESPN/WatchESPN

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, Hokie Radio Network

Weather: According to our very own weather expert ricobert1 it might rain? As of right now, your tailgate might be pretty soggy. Biggest chance of rain is between 1 PM and 6 PM. After that, showers should taper off for the game. Temps will be around 78 degrees, ENE winds at 8 mph.

The Spread: The spread opened at FSU by 6.5. It’s fluctuated a bit this week but as of right now, the ‘Noles are favored by 7.

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To say Florida State’s 2017 football campaign was bizarre would be an understatement. The ‘Noles lost their starting QB for the year on opening night. There were hurricanes and postponed games. And oh yeah, FSU had a head coach that had one foot out the door for possibly half of the season.

At some point, dedication to the job, program, fans, and most importantly, the players, became an after thought for the head-man-in-charge. In sports, that’s a recipe for a terrible product on the field. Before the season was over, ol’ 5-6 was shown the door.

Willie Taggart has done an excellent job getting fans and players to buy back in since being named head coach. He’s said and done all the right things. A coach doesn’t give $1 million of his own money for facilities if he isn’t dedicated to the job. True, the ‘Noles haven’t taken a snap yet. But Taggart knows what this program is capable of and what fans will be expecting. If you haven’t read this piece by Taggart himself, do so now.

Fans shouldn’t expect a dominant season or a national title in 2018. Florida State might lose tonight. But there was a whole lot of bad in Tallahassee over the last couple years. What we know we have now is a coaching staff dedicated to the job, program, fans, and most importantly, the players. You ready?

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