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Gameday Central: Florida State at Clemson

Just a four score underdog. No big deal.

Clemson v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Gameday Central

Florida State at Clemson 3:30 PM ET

Watch: ABC (More on How to Watch)

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, Tiger Radio Network

Weather: There will be some decent weather way up north for the ‘Noles. Temperatures will hover around 80 degrees at kick, cooling off to a very comfortable 74 by the end of the game. Partly sunny skies, winds SW at 7 MPH.

The Spread: Florida State opened as a —checks notes— 27 12 point underdog. The line now sites between 26 12 and 27 12 . Ouch. Bud tells you which games he’s playing with the odds on today’s action.

Game Coverage: Nolecast Clemson Preview, Opponent Q&A, Staff Predictions, Is Clemson even worth hating?, Olinemen Return to Practice

The opening line says pretty much all you know about this game. Florida State is a massive underdog, heading into face one the best teams in the country. Clemson has been elite. Florida State is still very much in REBUILDING mode. The ‘Noles haven’t made a leap big enough in year two of Taggart to compete with the best teams in the country. But that’s ok. Florida State has talent in spots. Clemson has talent all over the field and has had excellent coaching, training, and player development. Getting to that level is going to take some more time.

The general consensus among the TN Staff? Please just try to cover that ridiculous spread. If Florida State can make Clemson play their starters through the 3rd quarter because the game isn’t in garbage time, that’s a win for this team. Florida State defense has showed signs of life the last two games...for stretches. If might be harder to pick out the improvement in a game like this. Don’t quit, play hard for the entire game. Whatever the result, don’t let it negatively impact next week’s game against a beatable Wake team.

Florida State at Clemson Game Thread

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