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Don’t hate Wake Forest? Let’s talk 2006 then

If we’re being honest, amongst the worst days in Florida State football history

Wake Forest Demon Deacons v Florida State Seminole Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

Since 2015, it’s actually been a pretty competitive series, as far as the continuation of a seven-game win streak goes. Florida State has only beaten Wake by more than 14 points once in the last four years (last year), and it’s taken some pretty impressive plays to get some of those wins:

As much as you’d like to think otherwise, for the last few years and especially this, getting a win against Wake Forest is no small feat.

But if you still need a reason to get hyped for the game, to really get the juices flowing, then let’s talk about Florida State’s 30-0 loss to Wake in 2006.

It’s the game that’s still almost impossible to comprehend, still one of the worst days in Florida State football history, still the game that puts and keeps all disappointments in perspective and still the number one reason, above all, to always have a little bit more incentive to come away with a win vs. Wake Forest.

Florida State had just five more first downs (9) than turnovers (4). The Demon Deacons had only won two games against the Seminoles prior, both by two points, both before Richard Nixon chucked up the deuces and got on a helicopter. They’ve only won six times total, and that’s still six more points than Florida State scored that day. It was the first of three straight wins for Wake, the only winning streak for the school in the series’ history, and the most Wake had ever scored on FSU (it’s still the second-most, outside of 2011).

Here’s a so-mid-200s-it hurts highlight video, produced by a Wake fan, to get mad at:

The only true consolation is that while the Seminoles weren’t particularly good that year, Wake Forest was on its way to an Orange Bowl, ACC title and 11-3 season.

But that’s it.

It was the final straw for Jeff Bowden’s reign as offensive coordinator, and pretty much the majority of trust towards Bobby Bowden’s capability as head man for a lot of fans.

And it’s the reason you should always, truly, deeply want to see Florida State wreck Wake Forest.