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RB Cam Akers disappointed despite dominant personal performance against Wake Forest

“I feel like for me personally the turnover overshadows the rest of the game because it was in a critical moment.”

Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Despite a spectacular performance during Florida State’s 22-20 loss to Wake Forest from running back Cam Akers, the running back spent a majority of the post-game expressing how his turnover in the red zone gave Wake Forest a lot of momentum and how disappointing it was for him to turn the ball over in a critical moment for Florida State. He further went on to say that while this loss was a blow, but that you just have to take it and move on by going back to work, watching film and learning from his mistakes. “That’s all we can do, we can’t harp on it, we can’t cry about it, we just gotta come back and play these last five games.”

Akers further said that “he felt the running game was definitely making progress, but when you run for 150 yards and you turn the ball over, I feel like for me personally the turnover over shadows the rest of the game because that’s a critical moment.”

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