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Florida State football, recruiting news: Is the Willie Taggart era doomed?

To get beyond 2020 the turn has to start now.

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Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images


FSU is 3-4 after losing to Wake Forest and the pitchforks are out for Willie Taggart but unless something changes financially & politically Willie Taggart will be FSU’s coach in 2020.

Ontaria Wilson was having a breakout year but his season is over after another season-ending injury for FSU.

It was the best defensive game of the season vs. a potent Wake Forest offense and FSU’s offense blew it.

FSU fans were disappointed when Cam Akers fumbled in Wake Forest territory; the only person more disappointed was Cam Akers himself.

FSU is improving under Taggart but the rate of improvement is not fast enough.

FSU joins Wisconsin on the misery index; FSU fans would trade places with Wisconsin fans (one week vs two years)

How would you grade FSU’s performance vs. Wake Forest?


Jeff Sims threw a couple of dimes in primetime on ESPNU:

It’s a vicious cycle for Willie Taggart and FSU right now; in order to win more Taggart has to recruit better talent but he can’t recruit better talent without winning more:

Other Sports:

Good news FSU fans, the Ham train is rolling and the first exhibition game is tomorrow at the Tucker Center:

FSU Soccer took it to Miami in Tallahassee:


142 yards, two touchdowns, and meeting Barry Sanders? Dalvin Cook is on his way to a rushing title.

Jalen Ramsey explained exactly how it got to the point where he wanted to leave no matter what:

A little ‘Nole on ‘Nole crime here: