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Florida State football, recruiting news: Questions and rumors swirl around Taggart and FSU

Is this really rock bottom?

Florida State v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images


Questions and rumors are swirling around Willie Taggart, but right now that’s all they are: rumors.

Is this rock bottom for FSU, or just for FSU fans? The fan confidence in the direction of the program plummeted despite FSU losing to Wake Forest pretty much exactly how Vegas predicted.

Don’t miss the latest Nolecast and the reaction to FSU’s loss to Wake.

FSU football may be disappointing to watch, but they aren’t among the most disappointing teams from this past week, or even close to the worst this season:

On a much better and more uplifting note, Janarius Robinson’s family is starting to rebuild, literally:

Willie Taggart held court for his usual Monday press conference. He said some interesting things about mental resiliency of the team after a blowout but more importantly three close losses; injuries — especially to the offensive line; the generally good play from the offense but was also vague about who would start under center vs Syracuse; his role in the playcalling; what they’re doing to fix mistakes, and more. Taggart believes FSU is very close to turning the corner.

Bud Elliott reviews every game from Week 8, but in the most efficient way possible.

FSU opened as a double-digit favorite against Syracuse.

With several winnable games coming up, Florida State is still projected to go bowling this year, but the loss to Wake Forest opened up new possibilities when it comes to potential opponents.


Our High School Recap gets you caught up with all Tribe2020 targets and commitments. Can Willie Taggart keep this class together? We’ve got updates on Jeff Sims, who was on national television this past weekend, Malachi Wideman, Ja’Khi Douglas, and everyone else.

Other Sports:

Pack the Tucker Center, as FSU hoops is back! The first exhibition game of the season tips off at 7pm tonight.

Speaking of, guard Devin Vassell is rounding out his game.

Sophomores Thomsen and Williamson lead the Seminoles in the Jim West Challenge. The Swim and Dive teams beat up on Minnesota over the weekend. In what is hopefully a good omen, the Volleyball team swept Syracuse.

FSU soccer volunteer assistant coach Gao Hong is a part of American sports history, and it’s a story worth your time.


Check out our ’Noles in the NFL series, as there’s no shortage of news from this past week. The headliners though are Dalvin Cook, ahem, sorry, the league’s leading rusher Dalvin Cook, and Jalen Ramsey. With his back miraculously healed, Ramsey went toe to toe with Julio Jones and also committed some ’Nole on ’Nole crime.

Brian Burns used the time off to get his wrist cleaned up and should be back in action this weekend:

Burns is having an incredible season so far:

Also some news on the Malik Beasley front: