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Florida State football, recruiting news: Should FSU be favored vs Miami?

FSU is getting a lot of points vs. Miami this weekend.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports


Considering that these are both 4-4 teams with similar levels of talent FSU getting anywhere 5.5 and 6.6 points is a big number. Should they be favored vs. a team with a defensive line as good as Miami’s?

The only thing wrong with how FSU finished the game vs. Syracuse is that starters were still on the field.

When it’s all said and done Cam Akers will be one of the three best running backs to ever suit up for Florida State.

When you’re the only team to go wire-to-wire you get things like 20-year anniversary celebrations:

I can remember Peter Warrick’s highlights clear as day; so it’s a little weird now seeing him with all that gray in his beard.

Technically you could call it a triple option play but that wild trick play wasn’t nearly as smooth as what Paul Johnson used to do at Georgia Tech.

For the third year in a row FSU and Miami will be playing in the g.o.a.t time-slot for college football.


Here’s a photo gallery of recruits that attended homecoming.

At 4-4 FSU still has a good shot of keeping the recruiting class together; most of the highly rated recruits are very solid.

Other Sports:

FSU Soccer did what it had to do; bouncing back vs. Wake Forest.

It was fun for all in the Women’s only exhibition match-up of the pre-season.

Honoring the five-year anniversary of the ice-bucket challenge? Leonard Hamitlon:


173; a fairly unimportant number unless you’re talking about Warrick Dunn. Because when you’re taking about 173 and Warrick Dunn; that’s how many fully furnished homes he’s delivered to single mothers.