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FanPulse: FSU fan confidence bounces back after Syracuse beatdown

Florida State and Miami fans have pretty similar confidence levels.

NCAA Football: Delaware State at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

After two straight road defeats, Florida State rebounded nicely against Syracuse on Saturday, improving to 4-4 on the season. But the Seminoles’ record wasn’t the only thing that leveled-off. Your confidence rose to just above the 50/50 mark as well.

Week 1: 43%

Week 2: 8%

Week 3: 32%

Week 4: 63%

Week 5: 83%

Week 6: 79%

Week 7: 68%

Week 8: 13%

Week 9: 54%

Up next for the ’Noles, of course, are the ’Canes. Miami’s fan confidence is just below FSU’s, at 49%— Hurricanes fans have really been up and down this year:

Fanbases with 100% confidence: Arizona State, Baylor, Cal, Clemson, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas State, Kentucky, Louisville, Minnesota, Ohio State, Oregon, Utah, Wake Forest, and Washington State. The 0%ers are a group with a historic “one of these programs is not like the others” thing happening: Boston College, Northwestern— and USC.

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