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Gameday Central: Miami at Florida State

It’s still a rivalry game and the ‘Noles need a W in the worst way.

Syracuse at Florida State: 2019

Gameday Central

Miami at Florida State 3:30 PM ET

Watch: ABC (More on How to Watch)

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, ‘Cane Radio Network

Weather: FINALLY! We are looking at a beautiful day in Tallahassee. It only took until the next to last home game to get great football weather. Temperatures will be 68 degrees at kickoff, cooling to 58 by the end of the game. No rain, partly cloudy to sunny skies. Winds NNW at 10 mph. If you are within 2 hours of Doak, GO TO THE GAME.

The Spread: Florida State opened as a big 6.5 point favorite. The line quickly plummeted as money came in for Miami. The ‘Noles now find themselves a 3 point favorite at home. Bud Elliot gives his plays for the rest of your betting weekend.

Game Coverage: Nolecast Miami Preview, Opponent Q&A, Staff Predictions, Graphic Preview, Hurrican’ts IMO

Like we’ve said before, every winnable game is a must win at this point. Florida State is still struggling to be at, or above .500, and make it to a bowl game. Next week doesn’t set up well for the ‘Noles as Taggart and company struggle on the road. Not to mention there’s a chance of snow next Saturday for the Boston College game.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The ‘Noles have a rivalry game to take care of first. Win, and Florida State’s chances of making a bowl game are almost assured. Win, and Willie Taggart might restore the belief that he deserves more time in Tallahassee. Win, and perhaps the ‘Noles spark confidence in a wavering recruiting class. Lose, and Coach Willie Taggart and this program are on the ropes, again. That pretty much sums up the 2019 season.

The ‘Noles took care of Syracuse in the week to week battle to save what’s left of the season. Florida State deployed Cam Akers at QB and he looked like he might be the best player at the position. He could throw bubbles, he could run read option, he could play misdirection. It wasn’t so much the Wild Cam as it was, Cam, Go Run The Offense. But we saw only a small amount of it. Last week’s game may have been the ‘proof of concept.’ This week might be the fully operational Cam Death Star. Miami has one of the best defenses Florida State will see this season. If they want to move the ball, they might have to turn to Cam at QB, a lot.

Miami, on the advanced stats sheet, is a much better team than Florida State. But they have struggled in games they should win and won games they should struggle in. They haven’t played great football at times, especially on offense. Example, a win at Pitt with just over 200 yards of offense. When the ‘Canes win, they lean on a very good defense. Florida State will need an excellent defensive effort to keep the Miami offense in check. If they let the ‘Cane offense roll with their defense, it will be a long day for the ‘Noles.

In true Florida State - Miami rivalry fashion, this will probably come down to the wire. This could be the most important game Florida State has played at 4-4 against another 4-4 team. Phew, no pressure. Go Noles!

Miami at Florida State Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter