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Nolecast: Instant reaction to FSU’s home loss to Miami

Is Willie Taggart living that buyout life?

NCAA Football: Miami at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Woof. Florida State fell to Miami at home 27-10, and Bud Elliot is back to run down what went wrong.

The offensive line got whipped, as they allowed nine sacks for the first time in program history. They gave up a total of 16 tackles for loss, and those numbers came on just 69 plays and 30 drop-backs. Alex Hornibrook faced an elite defense and struggled, mightily, as Miami basically dared Hornibrook to throw over the top and he couldn’t get it done, among other issues. In fact, they barely even tried to take shots. The WildCam also wasn’t as big of a factor as expected, perhaps due to an injury to Cam Akers. FSU only gained an awful 2.9 yards per play, when the pre-game goal was 5.75 yards per play.

It wasn’t all on the offense though, as the defense didn’t have a great day either, even if they weren’t as horrible as the offense. The Seminole defense gave up 6.0 yards per play vs. the Hurricanes, about 15 percent over the projected goal.

Not to be left out, the ’Noles special teams were also bad, with numerous awful punts and multiple snaps with only ten men on the field.

But the biggest story of the game is that Florida State just didn’t look well coached, and this is the type of game — a three-score loss at home to a rival where you were favored — that might cause some boosters to look at whether they can open their checkbooks.