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Florida State football, recruiting news: The FSU football renaissance will not be televised

Unless FSU gets more funding from Seminole faithful

Alabama State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


The FSU football renaissance will not be televised in the upcoming years unless FSU gets more funding from various members of Nolenation. That’s why FSU sent out a letter asking long-time to boosters to up their contributions to FSU athletics.

If FSU is seriously looking at poaching Brian Kelly from the infinitely deep-pocketed Notre Dame then that fundraising effort is going to have to be a huge success.

Confidence in the program dropped; odd because there’s no one on the docket this week.

South Carolina AD Bob Caslen put his foot in his mouth and it involves Florida State.

Hamsah Nasirildeen has the been the best DB in the ACC over the last month and his stock is rising.

Arkansas really wants Mike Norvell but according to FootballScoop he’s far more interested in the opening at Florida State.


Josh Griffis remains committed to FSU but he’s seriously looking at two other schools.

Louisville is also trying to poach three-star offensive tackle commit Thomas Schrader (VIP)

When there’s blood in the water the sharks tend to circle.

Other Sports:

It’s all about the NET now and Men’s Hoops earned some style points following the W over Chattanooga.

Pack the plex this weekend; the run towards another national title continues:

Nausia Woolfolk has been named ACC Player of The Week; congratulations to her.


Brian Burns is thanking Charlotte’s first responders this Thanksgiving.