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Florida State football, recruiting news: Bring on the Gators

FSU is a massive underdog to its most-hated rival

Florida v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images


Sportsline has released odds on FSU’s next head coach:

If James Franklin feels like he’s peaked at Penn State then he could become a very serious candidate for FSU’s open position.

It’s rivalry week in Tallahassee and we at TN strive on bringing informed, rational analysis to FSU fans so I won’t lie about how anything can happen in a rivalry game.

It’s going to take a minor miracle for FSU to win this one as FSU is close to a 20 point underdog in this rivalry contest.

So where does FSU match-up well with Florida; where can they find success?

FSU’s other major rival lost to FIU; that’s it.

FSU dropped in S&P+ while Miami after losing to FIU remained at 25; S&P is a season-long measure that does not move dramatically in one way or the other with each game but something is wrong there.

Looks like FSU will be spending Christmas in Detroit.


FSU has offered 2021 DB Terrion Arnold:

Other Sports:

Next Friday FSU will be hosting the Elite 8 for another chance at Final Four:

Patrick Williams is off to a really good start to his career:

But on Saturday it was the Wyatt Wilkes show in FSU’s latest victory.

FSU hosts Chicago State tonight at 7 in the Tuck.

Women’s Hoops steamrolled Chicago-Illinois.


Jameis Winston’s highs are really high and his lows are really low after a victory over the Falcons that’s six-straight games with 300+ yards passing.