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Gameday Central: Florida State at Florida

‘Noles need a holiday miracle in Hogtown.

Gameday Central

Florida State at Florida 7:30 PM ET

Watch: SEC Network (super, super, cool) (more on How to Watch)

Listen: ‘Nole Radio Network, Gator Radio Network

Weather: If you are required to spend any amount of time in Hogtown, Late November is the best time, especially if you avoid a soggy cold front. The Noles are doing exactly that, with less than a day to spare. Temperature will be 64 at kick, cooling to 60 before the end of the game. No rain, clear skies, winds SW at 3 mph.

The Spread: Florida State is a massive underdog, between 17 12 and 18 12 points. Can FSU cover? Win? Hey, maybe just get that cover. Bud Elliot gives his plays for the rest of your betting weekend.

Game Coverage: Opponent Q&A, Staff Predictions, Nolecast (Coach Shopping), Coaching Search (Any holiday deals?), Be Thankful for UF!?! YES!

As you can see from the game coverage, the biggest rivalry game of the year for the ‘Noles, takes a back seat. Florida State is searching for a head coach before the end of the year for the second time in three seasons. Yikes. At least FSU is already bowl eligible this time? Improvement? SURE!

How this game plays out should have little impact on the decisions Florida State admin will make next week (please be next week). Odell Haggins is a great motivator that both players and fans love, and a coach that’s dedicated his life to the program. If the ‘Noles pull out a miracle, can he get the head coaching gig? Maybe!

Most likely scenario: Florida State faithful will be getting to know the new coaching staff in the coming weeks. Losing to the Gators is always awful. But knowing Florida State is trying to get the program back to being competitive does help. For the Gators, y’all better not screw this up, you haven’t beat the ‘Noles in the swamp since, CHECKS NOTES, 2009! Hahahahahahaha. It was a fun decade you guys.

Florida State at Florida Game Thread

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter