Ongoing Coaching Carousel Thread #2

So here we are again two years later with only the second legit coaching search in the history of the modern FSU program. Willie Taggart was let go and the Bob Stoops rumors popped up immediately. I'd tell people to pump the brakes a little bit on the Stoops stuff but wouldn't completely rule it out. I think firing Willie when you did certainly helps getting everything sped up to hit the ground running around Thanksgiving and not have to cut into recruiting time before the early signing period.

Also, as a tangent I wasn't in favor of the timing of the early signing period when it was implemented. It needs to be in late August before the season for the kids that want to shut it down (with an out clause for coaches that leave.) I wouldn't be surprised the see the early signing period moved in a couple years when coaches are fired in season way more often, and I also wouldn't be surprised when a couple coaches switch programs in season or when a guy like Tony Elliott decides to leave a playoff team because he feels he's gonna lose a year in recruiting to stay an extra month with his current team.

Let's go to the national picture right now.

USC- I think you could see the second high profile opening come open this weekend. USC just hired it's AD and FSU (although probably pulling from a different candidate pool) put them on the clock. Urban Meyer, James Franklin, and Kyle Wittingham should be the guys to watch.

Arkansas- I also think a second second-year coach gets the axe this weekend after Arkansas loses to Western Kentucky. Names to watch would be Mike Norvell, Seth Litrell, Willie Fritz, or maybe Mike Leach.

Rutgers- Schiano or maybe Addazio if he wanted to restart his coaching clock.

Vanderbilt- currently 2-6.

Michigan- I personally think Harbaugh is safe currently but I might try to get an NFL gig if I'm him. Rhule makes a ton of sense here.

Penn State- Not all that likely but I wanted to touch on this. If I'm Penn State and USC or FSU wants to buy James Franklin out I'm taking the money and I'm going to go get Matt Rhule. Matt Rhule is a former player, a successful coach at Temple, and a phenomenal coach. Pair him with Franklin's players and I honestly think you have a better shot a national title in the next few years than with Franklin.

Now to FSU. I think the consensus is that you are not hiring a coordinator, most G5 coaches (wouldn't rule out Norvell completely), and probably an underdog to get a Stoops or James Franklin. A P5 Coach is most likely. Bud has separated coaches into two categories in the past: the types coaches that "do more with less" and the guys who tend to "acquire the talent." I personally think since this roster isn't built to win for a couple years that you need more of a "do more with less" that can identify recruits early, develop them, and have more schematic knowledge. This program needs a coach with a high floor that can stabilize the roster, fix the APR, and can scheme some wins. Then in 4 or 5 years you can try to make a play to get back into the elite group with the Georgia, Alabama, and Clemson's of the world.

Here are some coaches that "do less with more" that could make some sense. I think there are way more of these guys than in the other category. Matt Rhule (Baylor), Matt Campbell (Iowa State), Mike Norvell (Memphis), Dave Clawson (Wake), Mark Stoops (Kentucky), Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State), Mike Leach (Wazzou), Kyle Whittingham (Utah), and Gary Patterson (TCU).

Here are some guys that "acquire talent" that could make some sense. P.J. Fleck (Minnesota), Gus Malzahn (doesn't really do either in the elite category but threw him in this one), Les Miles (I've seen his name for some reason floated but not a fan), and Kiffin (stop saying this people).

Speculate away in the comments and feel free to tell me I'm dumb. Post any and all tweets, rumors, and relevant information.

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