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FSU Football: Mike Norvell contract details


Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell Introduction Press Conference
Tomahawk Nation

Florida State’s new head coach will make less money than its previous head coach. Mike Norvell’s contract was released today, and there are some interesting details worth noting.

The six year contract includes an annual salary beginning at $3.75 million, rising $250,000 each year until it reaches $5.25 million in year six. For comparison sake, Willie Taggart had a base salary of $5 million per year. Taggart was coming from a high-level Power 5 program in Oregon, however. Norvell joined FSU from Memphis, a good Group of 5 program in the American Athletic Conference - but still a Group of Five school.

The assistant salary pool available to Norvell is $5.25 million for the ten on field coaches:

FSU has already officially hired Offensive Coordinator Kenny Dillingham. Defensive assistant and likely defensive coordinator Adam Fuller has also been reported to join the FSU staff.

Norvell’s salary is not high - so FSU received quite the bargain in its new head coach. Fortunately, FSU knows assistants must be well compensated to compete and is ponying up to do so.