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No. 19 FSU basketball vs. North Florida: Preview, Vegas line, how-to-watch, game thread

You miss every shot you don’t take.

NCAA Basketball: North Florida at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember that feel good story last year when Tallhassee native J.T. Escobar literally never missed a 3-pointer (6-6) as his team jacked 25 shots from beyond the arc and improbably hung with the 11th ranked Seminoles? Now those guys are back and now they take even more 3s.

The Ospreys (7-5) take 52% of their shots from beyond the arc. That leads the nation. On Saturday against Southern Miss they took 42 (!) and that’s not even the most they’ve taken in a game this year.

If last season’s game is any indication, they’ll play fast, spread the floor, and look to get layups when FSU inevitably overplays the 3-point line. Otherwise they’re putting up long shots.

They are an experienced team, returning four starters who are all seniors.

Players to watch

Sophomore Carter Hendrickson (6-7, 217) is one of the two players on the roster who have made more 3s than any FSU player has attempted. He’s shooting 43% from beyond the arc and scoring 17.2 ppg. He’s also had four double-doubles and is one of the best defensive rebounders the Seminoles will see this season.

Ivan Gandia-Rosa, a 6-1 senior, makes 40% of his 3s, scores 14.2 per game to go along with 6.2 assists, and leads the team in steals. This will likely be the 3rd straight season he leads the Atlantic Sun in assists.

Senior Garrett Sams (6-7, 209) missed some games earlier in the year, but is now back and 3rd in scoring at 13.6 per game. Like almost everyone on the roster, he’s made more 3s than 2s for his career.

Tallahassee native and Ole Miss transfer J.T. Escobar hits 45% of his 3s and scores 13.2 per game.

Does anyone not shoot 3s?

Yes, his name is Wajid Aminu and he’s a 6-7 senior who scores two points at a time and wears Converse. He was the A-Sun Defensive Player of the Year.

Who will win?

Ken Pomeroy FSU 96%

Vegas line FSU -20.5

How to watch

ACC Network at 8:30 PM from the Tuck