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FSU’s Mike Norvell: Early Signing Day press conference

The FSU coach talks to the media following his first Early Signing Day in charge.

Mike Norvell
Mike Norvell Introduction Press Conference
Tomahawk Nation

Mike Norvell was hired as the new Florida State head coach less than two weeks ago. That meant the new coach was short on time to salvage a 2020 recruiting class. Norvell had to hit the ground running. Fast. In less than 10 days, recruits needed to be sure that signing with Florida State was the right choice, despite a second coaching change in three years. Without the proper amount of time to build relationships, Norvell would have to sell recruits on his ability to turn the program around.

Overall, Norvell did an excellent job reassuring recruits that Florida State was still the right choice. There were some misses but also some much needed surprises. Be sure to read the Tomahawk Nation Recruiting Tracker to keep up to date on the players that did and did not sign with the ’Noles. Below, Norvell recaps the 2020 early signing day and what the new recruits bring to the field.