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Podcast: Directional Florida schools review and preview, plus recruiting

Back to the pod!

NCAA Basketball: North Florida at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

For the latest episode of the Tomahawk Nation podcast (APPLE // SPOTIFY) we decided to split the difference between recapping one directional school game vs. North Florida, and previewing another directional school game vs. South Florida. And we somehow avoid the discussion of how we’re playing South Florida in south Florida as opposed to at their place in central Florida. Got it?

There is a short dive into Trent Forrest’s season, and whether it has been great, disappointing, or somewhere in between.

We also talk about all the new guys on this year’s team, or at least the ones that are playing, and Matt throws in a bonus reference to NBA draft pick Ryan Reid.

From there we look forward to the arrival of 5* freshman Scottie Barnes, and JUCO All-American Sardaar Calhoun. By episode four Matt promises to totally know where Calhoun is attending college, and it is definitely one of the three places he lists in today’s podcast.

We wrap it up with a preview of South Florida which will likely feature more dunks than you’d expect from a Brian Gregory coached team.