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Tomahawk Nation unveils FSU basketball dedicated podcast

And it only took three years of your comments asking for it!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Orlando Practice Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Well, folks, the day you’ve been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. After being inundated with emails to the point that Frank was forced to add a second sign to get off his lawn, Michael Rogner and I relented and agreed to do an FSU hoops dedicated podcast.

While I say “FSU hoops dedicated,” the reality is Rogner and I do pull ourselves away from watching tape of Michael Snaer buzzer-beaters long enough to watch other games—or (gasp!) even other sports—from time to time. So the episodes will typically cover not just FSU hoops, but general discussion around ACC or national college basketball, and a random chocolate box assortment of other topics as we see fit.

Here are some of the topics we delve into during Episode One:

A) Where does this launch rank among other notable world events from the last 50 years?

2. Reflecting on how FSU has exceeded expectations so far this season

d - The ACC hoops landscape this season, including debate about whether UVA/UNC will feature fewer points on the hardwood this Sunday than the gridiron earlier this fall

Ham: Previewing and predicting this weekend’s game against Clemson

Unfortunately - since we’re new at this! - it’s not in Apple Podcasts yet, though we’re told it should be there any minute, and certainly by Episode No. 2.

But you can listen here, or just click on the embedded player below. Feedback that won’t hurt our feelings gladly accepted!