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FSU basketball in the AP, Coaches Polls, with KenPom update

Checking in after a mixed week.

NCAA Basketball: Clemson at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Florida State has dropped from No. 17 to No. 21 in the AP Poll, and No. 19 to No. 21 in the Coaches Poll.

It was a rather slow week in college hoops, with several teams only playing a lone contest. The Big Ten/ACC Challenge provided some nice matchups, but as teams are typically paired with others at about their level, a ton of movement probably won’t result in the polls.

Still, No. 7 North Carolina should fall after going 0-2, even if it was vs. No. 6 Ohio State and No. 5 Virginia. That win helped the Cavs balance a loss to unranked Purdue.

Just ahead of No. 17 Florida State, No. 16 Seton Hall deserves a drop, having lost to Iowa State, but No. 18 Baylor, just behind the ’Noles, should move up after topping No. 12 Arizona. We’ll see how much that loss hurts the Wildcats, but it won’t mean falling below FSU, which went 1-1 against Indiana and Clemson.

The rest of the AP Top-25 behind Florida State took care of business, but didn’t really register any great wins, while losing the games they were supposed to. I think the Seminoles dip modestly in the new polls when they come out soon— be sure to check back for that, as we’ll update this piece when the polls are released.

As far as KenPom rankings are concerned, FSU is right where it was a week ago: No. 15 in the country. The Seminole offense rose three spots, to No. 50, while the defense dropped three places, from third to sixth.