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Florida State football, recruiting news: Is FSU a top 25 team in 2019?

How good can FSU Baseball be in Mike Martin’s final season?

NCAA Football: Florida State Spring Game Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports


Not number 20 but number 22 is where FSU checks in on ESPN’s inaugural FSP preseason rankings. An easier schedule with possibly not fielding the worst offensive line in Power 5 football would make this possibility more probable.

Class Rankings over the last five years would tell you that FSU has the best roster in the ACC; obviously that’s not true.

It’s another throwback concert for this year’s Spring Game:


FSU spent a little too much time on Plan A last cycle; it’s imperative to know when a recruit is playing you and it’s time to cut bait.

Texas A&M transfer Nick Starkel will take an official visit to FSU and decide shortly after.

This top ten list of FSU’s most wanted recruits is full of top-flight offensive tackles.

Other Sports:

With his final opening day right around the corner, FSU skipper Mike Martin reflects.

FSU Baseball should be really good this year? Omaha good? We’ll see.

Here’s how FSU took care of business vs. Wake Forest.