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The FSU basketball fan’s daily rooting guide

The college hoops landscape, through garnet-tinted glasses.

NCAA Basketball: West Coast Conference Tournament-Saint Mary’s vs Pepperdine USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Florida State hoops rooting guide, which we’re taking a post-NSD chance to restructure a bit. Since the Seminoles have been moving around the AP Top 25 for a while now, it doesn’t make a ton of sense to just examine ranked teams in action, since there are a bunch of other unranked squads right there with the ’Noles in NCAA Tournament projections.

So, our new methodology will be to pick each game involving teams seeded three lines above and three lines below FSU, as well as those squads on the same line as the Seminoles, obviously. We’ll use Bracket Matrix’s composite seedings for this, since they average out around 100 projections; the Matrix is also updated quite regularly. And we’ll continue to discuss teams to pull for in ACC games, since Florida State plays them all. This adjustment will keep the rooting guide as FSU-centric as possible— which is the point in the first place.

Furthermore, when discussing rankings, we’ll be using the NCAA’s NET Rankings. They may be flawed, but they’re the primary system that the selection committee will be using. Oh and be sure to check back, as we’ll save you some clicking around by posting final scores after the contests we mention.

-Monday, March 11-

No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 166 Pepperdine (9 pm, ESPN):

With the regular season all wrapped up, we’re left with a forgettable slate of Monday games until the conference tournaments get started. However, No. 1 Gonzaga is in action as they take on the mighty Pepperdine and their slightly terrifying mascot. With a 9:00 pm tip, it’s probably safe to say most won’t be awake for the final score of this heavyweight bout, but we can still root for an early exit from the West Coast Tournament for the top-seeded Bulldogs. Go Waves!

-Sunday, March 10-

No. 6 Houston at No. 24 Cincinnati (12 pm, CBS):

I don’t think Cincy is coming up from a 7-seed to catch current 4-seed Florida State, but the Cougars are just a few spots ahead of FSU as the third 3-seed. That’s doable, and there’s real hope here, as the Bearcats are very tough at home. FINAL: 85-69, Houston

No. 68 ETSU at No. 14 Wofford (4 pm, ESPN+):

The Terriers, longtime bitter rivals of the Seminoles, are projected as a 7-seed. They’re not gonna catch the ’Noles, but you know you wanna pick against them, so let’s make it official: Go Buccaneers! FINAL: 81-72, Wofford

No. 15 Wisconsin at No. 49 Ohio State (4:30 pm, CBS):

The Buckeyes are probably on the right side of the bubble, but they’re nowhere near the Seminoles. The Badgers are a different story, right behind FSU as a 4-seed on Bracket Matrix. O-H! I-O! FINAL: 73-67 (OT), Wisconsin

-Saturday, March 9-

No. 17 Florida State at No. 186 Wake Forest (Noon, ACCN)

The Seminoles coveted double-bye in the ACC tournament is locked, but cheer for the ‘Noles to make program history with 13 ACC wins and improve their NCAA tourney seeding. FINAL: 65-57, Florida State

No. 25 Villanova at No. 61 Seton Hall (Noon, FOX)

Villanova is the first 6-seed in the latest Bracket Matrix and Florida State is the second 4-seed. Keep the Wildcats from jumping the ’Noles with a Pirate victory. FINAL: 79-75, Seton Hall

No. 4 Tennessee at No. 19 Auburn (Noon, ESPN)

The Tigers aren’t exactly a threat to Florida State as a projected 7-seed, but the Seminoles’ aren’t exactly a true threat to the Volunteers either. Let’s keep Auburn from moving ahead of the ’Noles in NCAA Net Rankings with a victory on the road for Tennessee. FINAL: 84-80, Auburn

No. 307 VMI at No. 14 Wofford (Noon, ESPN+)

While the Terriers are the last 7-seed, Wofford sits ahead of the Seminoles at No. 14 in NCAA Net Rankings. The Terries have won the last 17-straight and if the Keydets can pull off an upset, the ‘Noles would quite possibly see a bump in the Net Rankings. FINAL: 99-72, Wofford

No. 33 Florida at No. 5 Kentucky (2 PM, CBS)

11-seed Florida doesn’t have much of a chance of catching up to the Seminoles. As much as you don’t want too, root for the Gator to upset 2-seeded Kentucky and possibly increase the Seminoles’ Tourney seeding. FINAL: 66-57, Kentucky

No. 8 Texas Tech at No. 22 Iowa State (2 PM, ESPNN)

The 3-seed Red Raiders are just one line above the Seminoles compared to the 6-seeded Cyclones. Cheer for the Cyclones to put an end to Texas Tech’s eight-game winning streak and bump Florida State in seeding. FINAL: 80-73, Texas Tech

No. 37 Baylor at No. 18 Kansas ( 2 PM, ESPN)

While Kansas is one behind team behind the Seminoles, the Jayhawks are one team in front of Florida State as the first 4-seed. The Seminoles need the 9-seeded Bears to pull of the upset inside of Kansas’ House. FINAL: 78-70, Kansas

No. 12 Purdue vs No. 84 Northwestern (2:30 PM, BTN)

The Boilermakers are the last 3-seed and with an early Seminoles’ victory over Purdue this season, a Northwestern win would most likely boost Florida State in front of the Boilermakers in the Bracket Matrix. FINAL: 70-57, Purdue

Georgetown vs No. 29 Marquette (2:30 PM, FOX)

The 5-seeded Golden Eagles are only two teams below the Seminoles. If Georgetown can pull off the upset, they will keep Marquette out of the way for Florida State. FINAL: 86-84, Georgetown

Louisville at No. 2 Virginia (4 PM, ESPN)

It is unlikely that Louisville will catch up to the Seminoles at this point, but let’s not make it closer than it has to be. Florida State is just as unlikely to catchup to Virginia, so root for Virginia to keep up their dominance and pull out a W. FINAL: 73-68, Virginia

Oklahoma at No. 18 Kansas State ( 6 PM, ESPN2)

The Wildcats are the last 4-seed and the Sooners are the last 8-seed. The Wildcats are awfully too close to Florida State. Let’s strengthen the Noles lead and keep Kansas State from sneaking in on top of Florida State. Boomer Sooner! FINAL: 68-53, Kansas State

Vanderbilt at No. 10 LSU ( 8:30 PM, SECN)

Florida State already beat the Tigers earlier on this year, and an LSU loss could possibly boost the Seminoles ahead of 3-seed LSU. Let’s go Commodores! FINAL: 80-59, LSU

-Friday, March 8-

No. 94 Miami at No. 11 Virginia Tech (7pm, ESPN2):

FSU has moved up to the second 4-seed on Bracket Matrix, with Virginia Tech four teams behind them as the second 5-seed. A Virginia Tech win makes them the 5th-seed in the ACC Tournament and sets up a possible rematch with FSU if the Hokies defeat the winner of the first round game between the 12th and 13th seeds. Those two teams are likely to be Boston College and Wake Forest, but Miami would fall to the 12th-seed with a loss and a Boston College win over NC State. If the Hurricanes were to pull off the upset, Louisville would jump the Hokies for the 5th-seed in the ACC Tournament with a win over Virginia. With the likely scenario that FSU gets the rematch with VT in Charlotte next week, this one’s kind of a toss-up. A victory for the ’Canes would be more beneficial for the ’Noles at the moment since it would provide a little more cushion between them and VT in NCAA seeding. Final: 84-70, Hokies

No. 54 Minnesota at No. 27 Maryland (7pm, FS1):

With Maryland one line behind Virginia Tech as a projected 5-seed, they still have a chance to jump FSU if things fall right. Minnesota poses no real threat to the ’Noles as a 10-seed. Pull for the Golden Gophers to get the win over the Terrapins. Final: 69-60 Maryland

No. 122 Bowling Green at No. 16 Buffalo (6pm, ESPNU):

Buffalo is currently projected to be a 7-seed but is probably not a threat to jump FSU. Still, better to be safe than sorry and root for Bowling Green to pull off the upset. Final: 84-73, Buffalo

-Thursday, March 7-

No. 41 Iowa at No. 15 Wisconsin (7 pm, ESPN):

These are a couple of tourney teams, but the Badgers are much more of a threat to the Seminoles, as they’re currently just two spots behind Florida State on Bracket Matrix. This is an easy call for the Hawkeyes— corn over cheese, this time. FINAL: 65-45, Wisconsin

No. 22 Cincinnati at No. 29 UCF (7 pm, ESPN2):

The Knights have probably played themselves in off the bubble, but the Bearcats are just a few lines below the Seminoles, so it’s time to pull for your fellow Floridians in this one. FINAL: 58-55, UCF

No. 111 SMU at No. 6 Houston (9 pm, ESPN):

Currently slotted in as the last 3-seed, the Cougars can definitely be caught. Here’s hoping that the Mustangs can lend a hand. Or, I guess, a hoof. FINAL: 90-79, Houston

-Wednesday, March 6-

No. 26 Marquette at No. 63 Seton Hall (6:30 pm, FS1):

Marquette is only 2 teams ahead of Florida State in the latest Bracket Matrix projections. Both squads are currently seen as 4-seeds, so the ’Noles could really use a Golden Eagles loss here. Yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for us. FINAL: 73-64, Seton Hall

No. 13 LSU at No. 35 Florida (7 pm, ESPN2):

FSU has a win over both of these teams, so either option would strengthen the team’s resume. However, LSU is only 1 line ahead of the ’Noles as a projected 3-seed. Since Florida State has a realistic shot of jumping over the Tigers, root for UF here, if you can stomach it. If the thought of rooting for a team in orange and blue is too much to bear, I totally get it. FINAL: 79-78 (OT), LSU

No. 39 Clemson at No. 103 Notre Dame (9 pm, ESPNU):

The Seminoles have 2 wins against the Tigers and 1 win against the Fighting Irish this year. Clemson is a projected 12-seed, and Notre Dame isn’t in the discussion for a spot in the tournament...because they suck. So, a win for CU does much more for Florida State’s resume. FINAL: 64-62, Clemson

No. 129 Georgia Tech at No. 31 NC State (9 pm, ACCNE):

The same scenario as the game above, but the inverse, as FSU has 2 wins over the bad team (GT) and 1 win over the good team (NC State.) Go for the Wolfpack here. They are a projected 10-seed, so there’s no reason to dilute a quality win over NCSU any further...even with Florida State holding 2 victories over Georgia Tech. FINAL: 63-61, Georgia Tech

-Tuesday, March 5-

Of course the only game which really matters is No. 12 Virginia Tech at No. 19 FSU, but as usual, there is a lot going on which could affect Florida State’s NCAAT seeding.

No. 51 Nebraska at No. 8 Michigan State (7 PM, ESPN2)

Okay, Nebraska isn’t going to win, but if they did.... Sparty probably has to drop this one for FSU to have a realistic shot at passing them. FINAL: 91-76 Michigan State

No. 15 Buffalo at No. 181 Ohio (7 PM, ESPN3)

Buffalo doesn’t play anyone, so they really only have chances for marginal or bad losses. They’re already two seed lines behind FSU and this would finish them off. Ohio! FINAL: 82-79 Buffalo

No. 7 UNC at No. 111 Boston College (8 PM, ESPN3)

We’re not catching UNC, but we do want Boston College to finish better than 130th in the NET rankings so that our loss to them is only Quad 2 and not a dreaded bad loss. A win here would lock that up. BC! FINAL: 79-66 UNC

No. 11 Purdue at No. 56 Minnesota (8 PM, BTN)

Purdue needs to fall off a cliff for FSU to pass them. Gophers! FINAL: 73-69 Minnesota

No. 22 Mississippi State at No. 4 Tennessee (9 PM, SEC)

MSU is just one seed line behind Florida State, so we need the Volunteers to take care of business. Vols! FINAL: 71-54 Tennessee

No. 5 Kentucky at No. 37 Ole Miss (9 PM, ESPN)

I doubt UK can fall far enough to drop below FSU, but let’s test that theory with a Rebel win. FINAL: 80-76 Kentucky

No. 16 Kansas at No. 41 Oklahoma (9 PM, ESPN2)

KU and FSU are both projected as 4-seeds, with the Jayhawks higher. A loss here combined with an FSU win could switch the teams. Boomer Sooner! FINAL: 81-68 Oklahoma

No. 23 Nevada at No. 233 Air Force (11 PM, ESPN2)

See Buffalo at Ohio. Plus you need something to watch late night. Air Force! FINAL: 90-79 Nevada

-Monday, March 4-

No. 2 Virginia at No. 39 Syracuse

The Seminoles have a loss to Virginia and a convincing win over Syracuse. The Orange aren’t a threat to overtake the ’Noles in either seeding or in the ACC standings where FSU is fighting for a double-bye in the ACC Tournament. Why not root for a bit of a shakeup? Go ’Cuse! FINAL: 79-53, Virginia

No. 33 Texas at No. 10 Texas Tech

Texas Tech is the first 4-seed in the current Bracket Matrix, while FSU is still slotted as the fourth with not much separating them from 5-seed Wisconsin. Root for Tech to fall to their in-state rival in this one. Hook ’em! FINAL: 70-51, Texas Tech

No. 28 Kansas State at No. 48 TCU

A battle for the right to wear royal purple. TCU is currently projected as an 11-seed, but the Wildcats are hovering around FSU territory as a 5-seed, so a Kansas State loss can only help the ’Noles. Frogs! FINAL: 64-52, Kansas State

-Sunday, March 3-

No. 102 Notre Dame at No. 25 Louisville (1:30 pm, CBS):

Louisville is a 7-seed, and Notre Dame is not in the discussion for the NCAA Tournament. Either scenario would be okay for FSU fans, but I lean toward a Cardinals victory. It would strengthen Florida State’s resume, and UL is unlikely to catch up to the Seminoles when it comes to tournament seeding. FINAL: 75-61, Louisville

No. 56 Creighton at No. 21 Marquette (3 pm, FS1):

Florida State and Marquette are both currently rated as 4-seeds per Bracket Matrix. Since the ’Noles and the Golden Eagles are that close together in the latest projections, we need Creighton to pull off the road upset. FINAL: 66-60, Creighton

No. 9 Michigan at No. 26 Maryland (3:45 pm, CBS):

Interesting game here for FSU fans. Michigan is the last projected 2-seed, and Maryland is listed as a 6-seed. It’s probably just as likely that Florida State could catch up to the Wolverines as it is for the Terrapins to catch up to the Seminoles. As an optimist, root for Maryland. FINAL: 69-62, Michigan

No. 32 Washington at No. 96 Stanford (4 pm, ESPN2):

Washington is projected as an 8-seed, and Stanford isn’t in the tournament picture. Go Cardinal! FINAL: 62-61, Washington

No. 113 Boston College at No. 131 Georgia Tech (6 pm, ESPNU):

Florida State has a loss against BC and 2 wins against GT. Either scenario can benefit FSU, but let’s pull for a Yellow Jacket win here. FINAL: 81-78 (OT), Georgia Tech

-Saturday, March 2-

No. 31 NC State at No. 22 Florida State (12 PM, ESPN2)

The most important game of the day tips off at Noon. (We’re not biased, I swear.) No. 23 Florida State takes on the Wolfpack at noon. Head over to our game preview and thread for access to updates and more! If you are unable to Pack the Tuck, chime in with us in our comment section and Go NOLES! FINAL: 78-73, FSU

No. 6 Michigan State at Indiana (12 PM, Fox)

The Spartans are currently a 2-seed, while the Hoosiers don’t pose as a threat to the ’Noles. Root for Indiana to upset Michigan State for the second time this year. Go Big Red! FINAL: 63-62, Indiana

No. 13 LSU at Alabama (12 PM, ESPN)

The Seminoles beat the 3-seeded Tigers earlier on this year, but 11-seed Alabama isn’t really a threat to the Seminoles. As much as it pains me to say this, an LSU loss could boost Florida State in the rankings and on Bracket Matrix. Can I get a Roll Tide? FINAL: 74-69, LSU

Ohio State at No. 12 Purdue (2 PM, ESPN)

Same as above: The Seminoles beat the Boilermakers earlier on this year, but Purdue is a 3-seed and just one team below the Tigers. The Boilermakers have yet to lose at home this season and Ohio State will look to put a stop to that streak despite losing their starting center Kaleb Wesson to an unspecified suspension. While the odds are not in Ohio State’s favor, root for the Buckeyes to get revenge after the Boilermakers routed the Ohio State during the football season this past year. FINAL: 86-51, Purdue

No. 15 Kansas at Oklahoma State (12 PM, CBS)

Same as above: Kansas is the last 3-seed per Bracket Matrix and just one below LSU. Oklahoma State isn’t a threat to the ’Noles. Go Pokes! FINAL: 72-67, Kansas

No. 30 UCF at No. 4 Houston ( 4 PM, ESPN)

Same as above: Houston is the first 3-seed per Bracket Matrix and 11-seeded UCF doesn’t pose much of a threat. FINAL: 69-64, UCF

Penn State at No. 19 Wisconsin ( 1 PM, BTN)

The Badgers are currently the first 5-seed and looking to jump Florida State. A loss at home to the Nittany Lions would prevent that from happening. Root for Penn State to upset Wisconsin this Saturday afternoon. FINAL: 61-57, Wisconsin

Pittsburgh at No. 2 Virginia (2 PM, ACCN)

Despite beating the Seminoles earlier on this year, the Panthers are having a rough year and currently on a 11-game losing streak. According to the ESPN Basketball Power Index, Virginia has a win probability of 98.4-percent and is predicted to win by 23.8 points. If you like cheering for the impossible, root for Pitt to get its first road win of the season by pulling of the upset over the Hoos. FINAL: 73-49, Virginia

No. 10 Texas Tech at TCU (4 PM, ESPN2)

The Horned Frogs are currently on the bubble and likely need a victory today to put themselves in a good position to make the NCAA Tournament. The Red Raiders are currently the first 4-seed while the Seminoles are the last. Root for the Horned Frogs to win in front of their home crowd and possibly bump the Seminoles ahead of Texas Tech on Bracket Matrix. FINAL: 81-66, Texas Tech

No. 5 North Carolina at Clemson (6 PM, ESPN)

I love chaos, and you should too. With two victories over the Tigers this season and an embarrassing loss to the Tar Heels, you should know what to do here. The Tigers won’t catch the Seminoles for the double-bye and a Clemson Victory will somewhat cancel out Florida State’s lingering loss to UNC. (At least that’s what I tell myself.) FINAL: 81-79, UNC

Miami at No. 3 Duke (4 PM, CBS)

The Blue Devils are still without Zion and have lost two out of their last three games. The Hurricanes don’t have at-large chances for the NCAA tournament. As I said earlier, Cheer for Chaos. Swallow that pill and throw up the U. FINAL: 87-57, Duke

Syracuse at Wake Forest (12 PM, ACCN)

FSU has the Tiebreaker over the Orange in the ACC, but let’s not make it closer than it has to be. Wake Forest isn’t a threat to the Seminoles, so let’s go Deacs! FINAL: 79-54, Syracuse

-Friday, March 1-

No. 15 Buffalo at No. 131 Miami (OH) (8 pm, CBSSN):

Florida State’s still hanging on as a projected 4-seed on Bracket Matrix, with Buffalo seven spots behind them at a 6-seed. FSU gets two strong teams at home in NC State and Virginia Tech before closing the season with a very winnable road game at Wake Forest. The Bull’s remaining schedule has them facing three teams outside of KenPom’s top-100, including one outside the top-200, so any loss would almost assure them a lower seed than the ’Noles. Go RedHawks! FINAL: 77-69 Buffalo

-Thursday, February 28-

No. 45 Nebraska at No. 9 Michigan (7 pm, ESPN):

Michigan is the last 2-seed per Bracket Matrix, and the Cornhuskers are out of the tourney altogether. FSU is currently projected as a 5-seed, so let’s err on the side of the ’Noles improving their spot as much as possible. Go Nebraska! FINAL: 82-53, Michigan

No. 20 Wofford at No. 271 Chattanooga (7 pm, ESPN+):

As you can tell by the NET rankings, Wofford is the team that Florida State fans should want to lose. They are slowly creeping up on the Seminoles as a projected 8-seed. Chattanooga all the way! FINAL: 80-54, Wofford

No. 1 Gonzaga at No. 209 Pacific (11 pm, ESPN2):

I love chaos, and you should too. We are rooting hard for Pacific here. FINAL: 86-66, Gonzaga

No. 29 Washington at No. 278 California (11 pm, FS1):

The Huskies are right behind the ’Noles as a projected 7-seed, and Cal has won a total of...5 games this season. In addition, the Golden Bears have an unbelievably pathetic record of 0-15 in the Pac 12. That’s impressively bad. But, anything can happen in the world of college basketball, so, let’s all get in touch with our inner Tupac and show some California Love. FINAL: 76-73, California

Out on bail, fresh out of jail, California dreamin’

-Wednesday, February 27-

It’s a busier hump day than most in the FSU rooting guide. As of this update, the Seminoles are the top 5-seed across 118 projections averaged in Bracket Matrix, so we’ll be looking at teams on seed lines 2-8, as well as every ACC game. So as a former, underrated talkshow host used to say, let’s get busy.

No. 21 Maryland at No. 58 Penn State (6:30 pm, BTN):

The Terrapins are one spot ahead of Florida State on Bracket Matrix, claiming the final 4-seed. The Nittany Lions already beat Michigan, so here’s hoping that they can also top the Terps. FINAL: 78-61 Penn State

No. 7 Tennessee at No. 38 Ole Miss (7 pm, SECN):

Each of these teams is currently three seed lines away from the ’Noles, on either side. The Vols have lost two of their last three, so maybe they can keep struggling and FSU can stay hot and catch them— with a little help from the Rebels. FINAL: 73-71 Tennessee

No. 4 Houston at No. 250 East Carolina (7 pm, ESPN3):

The Pirates do have a winning home record: that’s about the only good thing that I can say about them. But you should all root for ECU, even if the Cougars send it to the ICU. FINAL: 99-65 Houston

No. 95 Oklahoma State at No. 10 Texas Tech (7 pm, ESPNU):

The Red Raiders are listed as the final 3-seed. Maybe Leonard Hamilton’s old employer can help him out a bit with a Cowboys upset. FINAL: 84-80 Texas Tech

No. 128 Georgia Tech at No. 2 Virginia (7 pm, ESPN2):

The Cavaliers and Duke are the only two teams getting 1-seeds in all 118 of those Bracket Matrix forecasts. Florida State is not catching the ’Hoos, so pull for UVA to keep the Seminoles’ loss in Charlottesville an elite one. FINAL: 81-51 Virginia

No. 43 Clemson at No. 112 Pittsburgh (7 pm, ESPN3):

The Tigers are presently the first team out of the dance, and their success helps FSU, given Florida State’s season sweep. Plus, they’re not catching the ’Noles for that ACC Tourney double-bye. Tigers. FINAL: 62-48 Clemson

No. 90 Illinois at No. 11 Purdue (8:30, BTN):

As the third 3-seed, the Boilermakers can be caught. A bad home loss to the Fighting Illini would go a long way in making that happen. So root for a palatable combination of blue and orange. FINAL: 73-56 Purdue

No. 18 Marquette at No. 28 Villanova (9 pm, FS1):

This is kinda like that Tennessee-Rebs matchup discussed above, except these two teams sandwich the ’Noles by just two seed-lines on either side. Cheering for the struggling Wildcats, however, comes with the added benefit of bettering an FSU loss to ’Nova earlier in the season, so the defending champs are the call here. FINAL: 67-61 Villanova

No. 25 Cincinnati at No. 107 SMU (9 pm, CBSSN):

Easy pick here, as the Bearcats are the only threat to Florida State, presently projected as a 7-seed. Let’s hope that the Pony Express gets rolling. FINAL: 52-49 Cincy

No. 22 Louisville at No. 127 Boston College (9 pm, ESPN3):

Not only are the Cardinals just a seed below the Seminoles, they’re also just one loss back in the ACC standings, and very much a challenger to FSU’s hopes of grabbing the double-bye in Charlotte. And a BC win helps Florida State’s collapse in Chestnut Hill look a little better. I guess. FINAL: 66-59 BC

No. 160 UNLV at No. 19 Nevada (11 pm, CBSSN):

The Wolfpack are right behind the ’Noles as a fellow 5-seed. Plus, how dare they become the elite hoops team out of the Silver State? If you think rooting against Duke is fun now, it was damn near euphoric when the Runnin’ Rebels were its main competition. So, to quote a modern cinematic masterpiece, “Vegas, baby, Vegas!” FINAL: 89-73 Nevada

-Tuesday, February 26-

No. 3 Duke at No. 12 Virginia Tech (7 PM, ESPN)

No. 26 FSU is battling VT for ACCT and NCAAT seeding. Seems like we’ve been rooting for Duke a lot lately, so you should be used to that smell. Devils! FINAL: 77-72, Virginia Tech

No. 114 Akron at No. 16 Buffalo (7 PM, ESPN+)

Buffalo isn’t going to lose this game, but it would sure be nice if they did. Get zippered. FINAL: 77-64, Buffalo

No. 30 Iowa at No. 42 Ohio State (7 PM, BTN)

Iowa is about 7 slots behind FSU on the s-curve, so it’s beneficial for the home team to pull this one out. Buckeyes. FINAL: 90-70, Ohio State

No. 91 Missouri at No. 25 Mississippi State (7 PM, SECN)

Missouri is terrible, but maybe they can be good for a night. Maybe? MSU is right behind Florida State. Tigers! FINAL: 68-49, Mississippi State

No. 44 Syracuse at No. 8 North Carolina (9 PM, ACCN)

An Orange loss would drop them a game behind FSU in the ACC standings. Considering FSU has the tie-breaker over them, this would close to lock up the ‘Noles being seeded ahead of them in the ACCT. Wine and cheese, folks. FINAL: 93-85, North Carolina

No 68 Texas A&M at No. 14 LSU (9 PM, ESPN2)

LSU is a few spots ahead of FSU at It’s probably best for them to take a terrible loss. FINAL: 66-55, LSU

No. 13 Wisconsin at No. 56 Indiana (9 PM, ESPN)

The game of the night. The ‘Noles will jump Wisconsin if they fail to win at Indiana. Let’s all watch Hoosiers for some inspiration. FINAL: 75-73 (2OT), Indiana

-Monday, February 25-

No. 105 Notre Dame at No. 24 Florida State (7 pm, ESPN):

FSU heads back to the Tuck for a quick turn around on the heels of defeat in North Carolina. The winning streak was broken, but FSU actually climbed into the final 4-seed spot on Bracket Matrix and will look to get back on track tonight against the Irish. Go ’Noles! FINAL: 68-61, Seminoles

No. 29 Oklahoma at No. 15 Iowa State (8 pm, ESPN2):

Oklahoma isn’t a threat to the Seminoles, but the same can’t be said for Iowa State, which is currently projected as the first 5-seed, one slot below FSU. Florida State fans are used to hating Hurricanes, so it shouldn’t be too hard to redirect that disdain toward the Cyclones. Boomer Sooner! FINAL: 78-61, Iowa State

No. 28 Kansas State at No. 20 Kansas (9 pm, ESPN):

You can almost go both ways in this one, but why not shoot for the best possible seed? Yes, the Wildcats are just a few spots behind FSU, but ’Noles fans should root for them to top the Jayhawks, who are coming off a blowout loss at Texas Tech. If KU continues to fall and Florida State takes care of business, it’s entirely possible that they switch seeds heading into the tournament. FINAL: 64-49, KU

-Sunday, February 24-

No. 27 Villanova at No. 89 Xavier (1:30 pm, CBS):

Yes, a ’Nova loss hurts Florida State’s strength of schedule, since the Wildcats beat the Seminoles already this season. However, Villanova poses a much more immediate challenge to the ’Noles as a team a seed-line below FSU in the last Bracket Matrix averages (The Seminoles are currently the top 5-seed, the Wildcats are a 6-seed). Go Musketeers! FINAL: 66-54, Xavier

No. 25 Cincinnati at No. 96 Connecticut (2 pm, ESPN):

This is an easy UConn pick, for a few reasons. First, the Seminoles topped the Huskies earlier in the season, so it’s a strength-of-schedule bonus. Second, the Bearcats are hanging around below FSU as a tourney team, certainly within striking distance just a couple lines down. And third, Connecticut is fighting for an NIT berth, so it’s really no threat to the ’Noles. FINAL: 64-60, Cincinnati

No. 8 Michigan State at No. 7 Michigan (3:45 pm, CBS):

These teams are right next to each other in Bracket Matrix, both holding 2-seeds at the moment. It would take a minor miracle for FSU to catch either. Florida, on the other hand, has a vested interest in this contest, since it already lost to the Spartans this season, making the Gators big MSU fans— which I guess means ’Noles should support the Wolverines here, to try and nudge UF to the wrong side of the bubble. If nothing else, this is a top-10 game between two bitter rivals, so it should be a fun watch. FINAL: 77-70, Michigan State

No. 187 Wake Forest at No. 32 NC State (6 pm, ESPNU):

Ah, Wake. The lowest ranked ACC team in the NET, the Demon Deacons are presently surrounded in the rankings by American, Seattle, California Baptist, and Dartmouth. The closest they’re coming to postseason play is an autopsy. The Wolfpack are likely tourney bound, and no real threat to FSU as an average 10-seed, presently. Still, they have a head-to-head matchup remaining, and while it’s quite unlikely, they could still catch up on the ’Noles in the conference standings. That said, if you like the Seminoles’ chances of defending their home court against NC State on Saturday — and we do — then the move here is to pull for the Wolfpack, so that win means more. FINAL: 94-74, NC State

-Saturday, February 23-

No. 21 FSU at No. 9 North Carolina:

Zion Williamson’s shoe debacle and subsequent injury overshadowed UNC’s big win over Duke earlier this week. Whether the freshman star is on the court or not, a win over the Blue Devils is impressive. And while FSU fell short against a similar Zion-less squad earlier in the year, they have a chance to make a statement against a UNC team fresh off a win in the most hyped game of the season. The most obvious pick of the day, go ’Noles. FINAL: 77-59, North Carolina

No. 3 Duke at No. 40 Syracuse:

Two teams that’s dominated this week’s news cycle for very different reasons. This one should be a fun watch. The ’Noles dominated Syracuse a couple weeks back, but fans should be rooting for the Orange to hand Duke a second-straight loss this weekend, making FSU’s performance in the Carrier Dome look that much more impressive. FINAL: 75-65, Duke

No. 13 Virginia Tech at No. 101 Notre Dame:

Two of FSU’s final four opponents in the regular season. The Irish have been pretty unremarkable this season. You can root two ways in this one. Because the Hokies are currently projected as a 6-seed, a line below the ’Noles, you can either root for the Notre Dame upset, dropping VT’s stock. Or, you can side with Tech this week in hopes that the Seminoles take care of business against them in a couple weeks. FINAL: 67-59, Virginia Tech

No. 6 Tennessee at No. 16 LSU:

Florida State’s victory over LSU remains a quality win, but they are currently seeded just ahead of the Seminoles. Vols rhymes with ’Noles, so let’s go Tennessee! FINAL: 82-80 (OT), LSU

No. 2 Virginia at No. 17 Louisville:

Similar to the game above, Louisville is a quality win for FSU, but they are a fellow 5-seed that could stand to be knocked down a peg by the top-ranked team in the ACC. FINAL: 64-52, Virginia

No. 12 Wisconsin at No. 85 Northwestern:

Wisconsin is a fellow 5-seed that FSU could stand to see lose. Root for the journalism nerds to upset the Badgers in this one. FINAL: 69-64, Wisconsin

No. 11 Purdue at No. 45 Nebraska:

Nebraska is currently sitting at one of the first four out of the tournament and could benefit from a victory over Purdue. FSU has already beaten the Boilermakers, but they currently sit ahead of them projected as a 3-seed. A Nebraska win is mutually beneficial for both squads. Come on Huskers! FINAL: 75-72, Purdue

No. 15 Kansas at No. 10 Texas Tech:

Despite being ranked lower in the NET rankings, Kansas is projected as a 3-seed while Texas Tech sits at a 4-seed. Florida State has a better chance at catching Tech than they do Kansas, so the Jayhawks are the pick in this one. FINAL: 91-62, Texas Tech

No. 20 Auburn at No. 5 Kentucky:

Even with a strong finish it looks like Auburn would be unlikely to hop FSU. The same can be said for FSU’s chances at leaping Kentucky. But, one can dream, and a Kentucky loss would help them move up. FINAL: 80-53, Kentucky

No. 79 USF at No. 4 Houston:

The cougars are sitting two lines higher than the ’Noles at a 3-seed. Keep the rooting interest in Florida and go Bulls! FINAL: 71-59, Houston

No. 94 Fresno at No. 22 Nevada:

Whenever you get a chance to root for FSU you take it. It just so happens that this time you’ll be cheering for Fresno to top Nevada who currently sit ahead of FSU as a 4-seed. FINAL: 74-68, Nevada

No. 87 Oklahoma State at No. 28 Kansas State:

K-State is a 5-seed with Florida State in the latest Bracket Matrix. Oklahoma State is terrible, so root for the Cowboys to pull the upset. FINAL: 85-46, Kansas State

No. 18 Marquette at No. 73 Providence:

The Golden Eagles are currently a 3-seed but if they drop a touch, they could be competition for the ’Noles in seeding. Go get ’em, Friars. FINAL: 76-58, Marquette

No. 14 Iowa State at No. 41 TCU:

FSU is the top 5-seed, the Cyclones are the bottom 4-seed. The Horned Frogs, currently a 10-seed, aren’t a threat the Seminoles, but let’s hope that they are to the ’Clones. FINAL: 75-72, TCU

No. 43 Ohio State at No. 23 Maryland:

The Terrapins are a 5-seed along with FSU, and UMD has taken enough from Florida State of late, so cover your nose and cheer for the Buckeyes. FINAL: 72-62, Maryland

No. 123 Boston College at No. 44 Clemson:

The Tigers are on the bubble, and the Seminoles beat them twice, so here’s hoping that Clemson can keep making FSU’s schedule look better, especially since they’re three games back in the conference loss column and not catching the ’Noles in the race for a double-bye in the ACC Tourney. FINAL: 76-66, Clemson

No. 120 Georgia Tech at No. 90 Miami:

Do you have a loved one who watches too much college basketball, and you need to intervene to get him or her to stop? Just make them watch this game between a pair of teams that FSU swept. I Miami wins would help Florida State’s strength of schedule more, or you can pull for the Jackets to help keep the Hurricanes from making the NIT and getting more practice time. FINAL: 80-65, Miami

-Friday, February 22-

No. 139 Kent State at No. 18 Buffalo

Buffalo has been frequently featured in this guide and has often been right behind FSU in Bracket Matrix’s aggregated seedings. The ’Noles have now created more separation between themselves and the Bulls, with FSU 8 spots ahead of Buffalo’s current spot as a 7-seed. However, Buffalo still edges out the ’Noles in the NET Rankings. Kent State is not a tournament team, but a win for them here would help keep the Bulls out of FSU’s way. Go Flashes! FINAL: 80-57, Buffalo

No. 56 Indiana at No. 29 Iowa

This game is a very similar situation to Kent State at Buffalo with Iowa currently at a 6-seed, 5 spots behind FSU. The difference is that Iowa is behind the ’Noles in the NET, but have an opportunity for a decent win against an Indiana team currently pegged as one of the Next Four Out. Go Hoosiers! FINAL: 76-70 (OT), Iowa

-Thursday, February 21-

Welcome back to the rooting guide, version 3.0. After Tuesday’s win over Clemson, the Seminoles are now a lock for the NCAA Tourney, so it’s all about improving seeding. And in the most recent Bracket Matrix averages, FSU is up to a 5-seed, a possibility I discussed recently. And the ’Noles have gained that line by the thinnest of margins: as of press, they edge Kansas State out for the final 5-seed by one one-thousandth of a point across 123 brackets. That said, it’s a rather thin slate for this evening— but these games could be rather fun.

No. 40 UCF at No. 27 Cincinnati

The Golden Knights are a true bubble team, while the Bearcats are a definite threat to the ’Noles, as a projected 7-seed. Also, Central Florida is in direct competition with UF for an at-large bid, so pull for UCF. FINAL: 60-55, Cincinnati

No. 8 Michigan at No. 50 Minnesota

The Gophers are a bubble team, and while FSU catching the Wolverines, currently a 2-seed, seems unlikely, so was SDSU beating Nevada last night. So root for Minnesota, yah hey? (That’s how they talk in Minnesota.) FINAL: 69-60, Michigan

-Wednesday, February 20-

No. 20 Villanova at No. 80 Georgetown

Villanova is listed as a 5-seed per Bracket Matrix, and FSU is a 6. That’s close enough for the ’Noles to overtake the Wildcats, so pull for the Hoyas at home. FINAL: 85-73, Georgetown

No. 33 Florida at No. 14 LSU

Florida State has a win over both, so either outcome strengthens the team’s resume. I’d say keep rooting for LSU, so that win keeps getting better and better. You could also cheer for Florida since LSU is just above the Seminoles as a 4-seed, but that also just feels wrong to this writer. FINAL: 82-77 (OT), Florida

No. 17 Louisville at No. 48 Syracuse

The Cardinals are 1 line above FSU as a 5-seed per Bracket Matrix. Go Orange! FINAL: 69-49, Syracuse

No. 1 Duke at No. 9 North Carolina

Florida State already lost a heartbreaker to Duke and still has a game to play against UNC. Tar Heels all the way. FINAL: 88-72, North Carolina

No. 49 Butler at No. 19 Marquette

Marquette is a 3-seed, and Butler is one of the first 4 teams out. FSU is pretty firmly in the tournament, so root for the upset here. Bulldogs on the road. FINAL: 79-69, Marquette

No. 11 Nevada at No. 141 San Diego State

Same logic as above, except Nevada is a 4-seed, and SDSU is way out of the tournament picture. Come on Aztecs! FINAL: 65-57, San Diego State

No. 123 Boston College at No. 32 NC State

NC State is closer to the Seminoles in both Bracket Matrix (projected 10-seed) and the ACC standings. Pull for BC if you want to make FSU’s loss against the Eagles look a little bit better, and give the ’Noles some breathing room. However, if NCSU wins, that’s not terrible, as Florida State still has a game left to play against the Wolfpack. Personal preference here. FINAL: 89-80 (OT), NC State

-Tuesday, February 19-

No. 22 FSU at No. 42 Clemson

The only game of the night that REALLY matters. Go ‘Noles. FINAL: 77-64, FSU

No. 12 Purdue at No. 55 Indiana

The Boilermakers are probably too far ahead of us to catch them, but what the heck. Hoosiers! FINAL: 48-46, Purdue

No. 200 Ohio at No. 23 Buffalo

There’s no chance Buffalo loses this game, but they’re right behind Florida State and it would be a BAD loss. You got this, Ohio. FINAL: 114-67, Buffalo

No. 30 Ole Miss at No. 94 South Carolina

The Rebels are one seed line behind FSU at bracket matrix, and we don’t want them picking up a road win. Cocks! FINAL: 79-64, SCAR

No. 25 Maryland at No. 28 Iowa

These are the two teams right behind FSU on the s-curve. One is going to take a loss. That’s great. One is going to pick up a big win. That’s not great. FINAL: 66-65, UMD

No. 36 Baylor at No. 13 Iowa State

Baylor is just behind FSU and Iowa State is just ahead. If you think the ‘Noles are going to finish strong than root for ISU to lose. If you think FSU is going to stumble, cheer for the Terps to fall even further back. FINAL: 73-69, Baylor

-Monday, February 18-

No. 3 Virginia at No. 14 Virginia Tech

Virginia is projected as a 1-seed and is tied with North Carolina for 2nd in the ACC with a conference record of 10-2. Virginia Tech is tabbed as a 6-seed, just a line behind FSU on Bracket Matrix. VT is currently tied with Louisville for 4th place in the ACC at 9-4. FSU is tied for 6th place with Syracuse at 8-4. A VT loss is better for FSU in terms of both NCAA seeding and ACC Tourney seeding. It pains me to say this, but, go Cavaliers! FINAL: 64-58, UVA

No. 80 Illinois at No. 15 Wisconsin

With a 10-15 overall record, Illinois is not in the conversation to make the NCAA Tourney and does not even appear on Bracket Matrix. Wisconsin is projected as a 5-seed, currently just three spots ahead of FSU. Illinois is on a 4-game winning streak in the Big Ten, including a win over No. 7 Michigan State, but lost their previous matchup to the Badgers at home, 72-60. A Wisconsin loss here would help FSU’s chances of moving up in seeding. Go Fighting Illini! FINAL: 64-58, Wisky

No. 29 Kansas State at No. 118 West Virginia

Kansas State is just one spot ahead of FSU as a projected 5-seed on Bracket Matrix. West Virginia is not in contention to make the NCAA Tournament and is only 2-10 in Big 12 play. However, their two wins came over No. 18 Kansas and No. 38 Oklahoma, so they have proven themselves capable of pulling off the upset here. Go Mountaineers! FINAL: 65-51, K-State

No. 41 TCU at No. 91 Oklahoma State

TCU is currently the last 8-seed on Bracket Matrix, while Oklahoma State is not projected to make the NCAA Tournament. With a Big 12 record of 8-10, TCU seems an unlikely threat to FSU. A loss here would make them even less likely to be a bother for the ’Noles. Go Cowboys! FINAL: 68-61, OSU

-Sunday, February 17-

No. 5 Houston at No. 298 Tulane:

Yes, the Seminoles surfed the Green Wave to a road victory earlier in the season. But Tulane, at 4-19, is never going to better its schedule to the point of helping FSU. So the best it can do now would be authoring a stunning win over the Cougars that would cripple Houston’s seed. So cheer for the miracle. FINAL: 85-50, Houston

No. 114 Wichita State at No. 23 Cincinnati:

Remember when the Shockers were (sort of) elite? Well they’re now fighting for NIT eligibility, so root for them to pull off the road upset against a Bearcats squad (currently a 7-seed) just a line below the ’Noles (presently a 6-seed) in the latest Bracket Matrix. FINAL: 72-62, Cincinnati

No. 44 Ohio State at No. 7 Michigan State:

The Buckeyes catching Florida State from the top of the 9-line seems more likely than the Seminoles chasing down the Spartans, a firm 2-seed, for the time being. So do what feels right anyway, and hope that Ohio State loses. FINAL: 62-44, Michigan State

No. 19 Villanova at No. 49 St. John’s:

This is an interesting one, as both of these teams are dancing, right now, the former above FSU, and the latter below. ’Nova winning helps the Seminoles’ strength of schedule, since the Wildcats already beat Florida State, but they’re also quite catchable, given their current spot on the 5-line. So let’s go Johnnies! FINAL: 71-65, St. John’s

-Saturday, February 16-

No. 25 Florida State at Georgia Tech

The Seminoles take on Yellow Jackets today at 2 pm hoping to pick up their 7th-straight ACC win for the first time in program history. Georgia Tech has lost 6 straight games and already lost their first meeting against Florida State, 59-49 on Feb. 2 in Tallahassee. The Seminoles are currently listed as a 6-seed and hope to improve their seeding. FINAL: 69-47, Florida State

No. 21 Maryland at No. 8 Michigan

Maryland is currently listed as a 6-seed with Florida State in the latest Bracket Matrix and just one team ahead of the Seminoles. Root for the Wolverines to take down the Terps this afternoon and push Florida State ahead of them and improve their ranking. FINAL: 65-52, Michigan

Clemson at No. 16 Louisville

Despite the Seminoles beating the Cards in an overtime thriller at home, Louisville is still currently ranked above the Noles at 16 and sits 2 seeds above Florida State at 4. The Seminoles also have a home-and-home series with the Tigers, so pull for the Tigers to upset Louisville this afternoon to boost the Seminoles in Net Rankings and in both NCAAT and ACCT seeding. FINAL: 56-55, Louisville

No. 24 Auburn at Vanderbilt

Everybody loves an upset. The commodores look to snap their 12-game losing streak to the Tigers today. Auburn is currently one spot ahead of the Seminoles in NCAA Net rankings and one seed behind Florida State in Matrix Bracketology. FINAL: 64-53, Auburn

Oklahoma at No. 34 TCU

TCU is listed as an 8-seed and within jumping reach of the Seminoles, while Oklahoma is currently a 10-seed. Root for the Sooners to take down the Horned Frogs on the road. FINAL: 71-62, Oklahoma

Missouri at No. 32 Ole Miss

Same as above: No. 89 Missouri is not a threat to the Seminoles and 8-seed Ole Miss can hop Florida State, a Tiger victory will keep that from happening. FINAL: 75-65, Ole Miss

West Virginia at No. 18 Kansas

If the Mountaineers can upset 4-seed Kansas on the road today, Florida State has a shot at improving their Net ranking and seeding spot. FINAL: 78-53, Kansas

No. 12 Nevada at No. 312 Wyoming

Same as above: The Cowboys don’t have any chance of making the tournament and the Wolf Pack is two seeds above the Seminoles. Cheer for Wyoming to shock Nevada on their home court. FINAL: 82-49, Nevada

No. 13 Virginia Tech at Pittsburg

6-seed Virginia Tech is just two teams ahead of the Seminoles in the latest Matrix Bracketology and ranked ahead of Florida State in Net rankings. The Seminoles lost to the Panthers earlier on this year in embarrassing fashion. A Hokie loss will potentially give Florida State a jump in seeding and in ranking while increasing the quality of Florida State’s loss. FINAL: 70-64, Virginia Tech

No. 14 LSU at Georgia

Florida State beat the Tigers earlier on this year, but LSU currently sits ahead of the Seminoles in the rankings and tourney seeding. Can I get a go Dawgs? FINAL: 83-79, LSU

No. 28 Iowa at Rutgers

The Hawkeyes take on the Scarlett Knights looking to extend their winning streak to four straight games. 6-seed Iowa sits just one team below the Seminoles, root for Rutgers to snap that streak and keep Iowa from jumping Florida State in Matrix Bracketology. FINAL: 71-69, Iowa

-Friday, February 15-

No. 23 Buffalo at No. 57 Toledo

Buffalo sits just one seed behind FSU as a 7-seed on Bracket Matrix, while Toledo is currently one of the Next Four Out. In order to put more of a buffer between the Bulls and the ’Noles, go Rockets!

Your Valentine’s Day gift came early last night, as FSU demolished Wake Forest for its sixth straight win— but on this day dedicated to couples, let’s delve into the couple of games that could make the committee’s heart grow fonder, in favor of the ’Noles:

-Thursday, February 14-

No. 5 Houston at No. 79 UConn:

The Cougars are currently on Bracket Matrix’s 3-line, ahead of the Seminoles, who are currently a 6-seed. And they’re well ahead of the Huskies, who are fighting to stay above .500. Yes, the Seminoles topped Connecticut, but the once formidable UConn program is struggling to make the NIT at this point, so pull for them to beat the Coogs, which I’ve told y'all before, is how they spell their shortened team name, even if it pains me to type it as such. FINAL: 71-63, Houston

No. 91 Illinois at No. 36 Ohio State:

This may not seem plausible, but No. 70 Penn State just bested No. 8 Michigan. Point being, anything can happen in college hoops, especially in conference play. And with the Buckeyes just a pair of seeding lines behind the ’Noles, why not cheer for the upset? So as noted underdog Joel Goodson, famously portrayed by Tom Cruise, said in Risky Business, “Looks like University of Illinois!” Because what says Valentine’s Day more than a GIF from a movie about a high-school kid running a brothel out of his parents’ house? FINAL: 63-56, Illinois

Joel Goodson

Here’s hoping that TC’s inclusion in this piece reignites the age-old Tomahawk Nation debate about the greatest Cruise flicks of all time (spoiler, the media included above is a no-brainer top-five choice). Here’s hoping that you all find love, except for those of you who disagree with me in the comments.



-Wednesday, February 13-

Wake Forest at No. 25 Florida State:


FINAL: 88-66, Florida State

Clemson at Miami:

The Tigers are currently an 11-seed per Bracket Matrix, and the Hurricanes aren’t projected to be a tournament team. Pull for Miami to get the upset and possibly knock Clemson off the bubble. FINAL: 65-64, Miami

Georgia Tech at No. 14 Virginia Tech:

Virginia Tech is a 5-seed at the moment, and the Seminoles are projected as a 6. The Hokies are most likely going to deliver a brutal beatdown to the Yellow Jackets, but let’s cheer for GT here gang! FINAL: 76-68, Virginia Tech

Syracuse at NC State:

The ’Noles beat Syracuse recently and still have one game to play against NC State in early March. Bracket Matrix has the Orange as a 9-seed and the Wolfpack as a 10. Kind of a toss up here, but pull for NCSU at home. Gives FSU some more breathing room, but either result isn’t that bad for Florida State. FINAL: 73-58, NC State

Providence at No. 19 Villanova:

Since Florida State lost a close game to Villanova at the beginning of the year, we’ve generally been suggesting that you cheer for the Wildcats. No more! ’Nova is now listed as a 5-seed, which is only one spot above our beloved Seminoles. Now, with the chance that FSU can overtake the Wildcats and possibly improve their own seeding, root for Providence. FINAL: 85-67, Villanova

No. 12 Texas Tech at Oklahoma State:

Texas Tech is a 5-seed too. Go Cowboys! FINAL: 78-50, Texas Tech

Ole Miss at No. 20 Auburn:

Ole Miss is a 9-seed, and the Tigers are a 7. Since (let me check my math here) 7 is closer to the 6-seed of Florida State, cheer for the Rebs. FINAL: 60-55, Ole Miss

-Tuesday, February 12-

No. 10 Purdue at No. 23 Maryland:

The Terps are one spot ahead of FSU on the s-curve, and Purdue is one of FSU’s signature wins, so we want them to stand strong. Boilermakers in this one. FINAL: 70-56, Maryland

No. 17 LSU at No. 5 Kentucky:

Could probably go either way here. LSU is slightly ahead of FSU. If they win, it improves FSU’s resume, if they lose, Florida State closes the gap. FINAL: 73-71, LSU

No. 8 Michigan State at No. 11 Wisconsin:

Florida State has a better chance of catching Wisconsin, currently a 4-seed. Sparty! FINAL: 67-59, Michigan State

No. 21 Marquette at No. 88 DePaul:

The Golden Eagles’ NET Ranking is just four spots ahead of the Seminoles’ but they’re three lines higher in Bracket Matrix. The Blue Demons could help narrow that gap with an upset win. FINAL: 92-73, Marquette

No. 54 Butler at No. 49 St. John’s:

The Bulldogs are squarely on the bubble, while the Red Storm are hanging around a 9 or 10-seed. Root for the former to peel back the Johnnies a bit. FINAL: 77-73, St. John’s

No. 22 Buffalo at No. 118 Akron:

Buffalo is hot on FSU’s heels, currently a 7-seed to FSU’s 6-seed. Zips! FINAL: 76-70, Buffalo

No. 1 Duke at No. 15 Louisville:

A loss for the Cardinals would give them four ACC losses, matching the ‘Noles. If we want a double-bye in the ACCT the Louisville and Syracuse need to drop some games. Try your best to root for the Blue Devils. FINAL: 71-69, Duke

No. 27 K-State at No. 32 Texas:

Another coin flip. If you think FSU is going to finish strong, root for Texas (they’re behind FSU). If you think a weak finish is coming, go K-State. FINAL: 71-64, K-State

-Monday, February 11-

Monday features a pretty light slate of college basketball games, but the matchup of the night undoubtedly comes from the ACC. Fresh off its second loss to No. 2 Duke, No. 3 Virginia will travel to Chapel Hill to face No. 8 North Carolina at 7pm. UNC is currently tied with Duke for first place in the ACC at 9-1, with Virginia right behind them at 8-2. Pull for North Carolina, which FSU still has a chance to beat.

There are two games tonight that more directly affect the Seminoles’ chances at a higher seed in the NCAA Tournament. FSU is currently a 7-seed in Bracket Matrix (and 25th in the NET Rankings), so we’ll be highlighting games for teams seeded 4th-10th.

No. 18 Kansas vs. TCU:

Bracket Matrix has Kansas as a 3-seed, too far up for the ’Noles to move to, realistically. TCU is pegged as a 9-seed and could climb toward FSU with wins like this. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! FINAL: 82-77 (OT), Kansas

Oklahoma vs. Baylor:

Both teams in this matchup are currently 8-seeds, with Baylor just one spot ahead of OU. Turning to the NET rankings, there is slightly more separation as Oklahoma comes in at No. 42 and Baylor sits at No. 34. It’s close, but the case for Baylor to possibly jump FSU in seeding is slightly stronger. Boomer Sooner! FINAL: 59-53, Baylor

-Sunday, February 10-

No. 24 Cincinnati at No. 7 Houston:

Houston is a projected 3-seed while the Bearcats are just a spot behind FSU in the composite bracket. Pull for the Cougars. Final: 65-58, Houston

Northwestern at No. 23 Iowa:

The Hawkeyes are a line above Florida State, so cheer for the Wildcats. This could help the Seminoles immensely. FINAL: 80-79, Iowa

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame:

These teams suck. But since FSU plays the Jackets twice, root for them. And rooting against ND is always fun. FINAL: 69-59, Notre Dame

-Saturday, February 9-

College basketball takes center stage today with a slate loaded with top-25 matchups and important contests. Coming off a 18-point victory on the road at Syracuse, the No. 28 Seminoles will take on No. 14 Louisville at home.

The ’Noles are currently a 7-seed in Bracket Matrix (and 28th in the NET Rankings); hence, we’ll call games for teams seeded 4th-10th.

Ole Miss at Georgia:

This one’s going to hurt. After canceling his official visit on Thursday to Florida State for the Louisville game, it is rumored that 5-star Anthony Edwards will be signing with the No. 109-ranked Dawgs on Monday. (We get it, you’re starting a riot and calling the NCAA.) It’s time to swallow that pill and call for the Dawgs to beat the 9th-seeded Rebs at home. FINAL: 80-64, Ole Miss

No. 5 Kentucky at Mississippi State:

MSU is one spot ahead of FSU according to Bracket Matrix. We don’t need them picking up a big win vs the Wildcats. FINAL: 71-67, Kentucky

Nebraska at No. 11 Purdue:

The Boilermakers continuously raking in Ws isn’t a bad thing for the Seminoles, and FSU’s win over Purdue earlier this season is arguably their best win so far. Root for Purdue to keep the train rolling as they face the Huskers, who are currently listed as one of the first four teams out in the latest composite Bracketology. FINAL: 81-62, Purdue

Boston College at Syracuse:

The Seminoles completely dominated the Orange on the road earlier this week and Florida State already lost to the Eagles this season. If Boston College upsets the 5th seeded ’Cuse at home, the Seminoles will possibly see an increase in the composite seeding and conference standings. FINAL: 67-56, Syracuse

No. 10 Virginia Tech at Clemson:

The Tigers are currently listed as one of the first four teams out in composite bracketology projections and not necessarily a threat to the Seminoles. The Hokies are currently ranked 2 above the Seminoles in the conference and a 5th seed in composite bracketology. A Clemson victory could potentially increase the Seminoles seeding in the tournament. FINAL: 59-51, Clemson

No. 20 Auburn at No. 17 LSU:

Auburn is currently a 7-seed with Florida State, while LSU is a 5-seed in composite projections. Auburn is within reach of jumping the ’Noles, so can I get a Let’s Geaux Tigers!?(Ok, there are way too many Tiger mascots). Plus, FSU topped LSU this year. FINAL: 83-78, Auburn

No. 16 Texas Tech at Oklahoma:

The 8th-seeded Sooners are in desperate need of a win after losing 3-straight games. A quality victory over Texas Tech could put them in position to move ahead the ’Noles in projections. A Red Raider win will continue the Sooners’ slide and prevent that from happening. FINAL: 66-54, Texas Tech

No. 12 Wisconsin at No. 6 Michigan:

The 4-seeded Badgers have won six-straight games ever since upsetting the 2-seeded Wolverines earlier this season. Root for the Wolverines to get their sweet revenge and snap Wisconsin’s winning streak, leading them to fall in both rankings and composite projections. FINAL: 61-52, Michigan

No. 25 Washington at Arizona State:

The Sun Devils are having a rough week after suffering an embarrassing loss to a No. 230- ranked Washington State team at home. Rooting for Arizona State to redeem itself against Pac-12 leader Washington will keep the Huskies from jumping the No. 28 Seminoles in bracket projections and hopefully boost Florida State above Washington in NET rankings. FINAL: 75-63, Arizona State

NCSU at Pitt:

The Panthers aren’t currently on the tourney radar, and the Seminoles ugly loss to Pitt earlier this season doesn’t exactly do them any favors. Cheering for the Panthers to snap their 6-game losing streak in front of their home crown this afternoon over a 10-seed NC State will not only keep NC State out of the ’Noles rearview mirror, but will help alleviate some of the pain suffered from the Seminoles’ loss. FINAL: 79-76, NC State

Texas at West Virginia:

The Longhorns are currently projected as a 10-seed, while the Mountaineers have their sights set on the NIT. Go Huggy! FINAL: 75-53, Texas

Other OOC foes in action (We want to win):

UF, Tulane, UAB, ’Nova, Troy, SE Mizzou St., UNF, Winthrop

-Friday, February 8-

The bad news first: all four of the games relevant to FSU came out on the wrong end last night. As for the good news? There are no games being played tonight that fit our paradigm of contests relevant to the Seminoles. So it can’t really get any worse. Take a night off, but be sure to check back tomorrow, as Saturday offers a full slate.

So for today’s update, the ’Noles are a 7-seed in Bracket Matrix (and 27th in the NET Rankings); hence, we’ll call games for teams seeded 4th-10th— there are no ACC games today.

-Thursday, February 7-

No. 24 Iowa at Indiana:

How the Hoosiers have fallen. IU is still very much in the NCAA Tourney picture, currently at a 10-seed and ranked 44th. But they’re less of a threat to the Seminoles right now than the Hawkeyes, who are projected a line above FSU and ranked 24th. So pull for Indiana and those terrible striped warmup pants. FINAL: 77-72, Iowa

NCAA Basketball: Central Arkansas at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

No. 25 Cincinnati at Memphis:

Cincy is ranked just two spots ahead of the ’Noles in the NET Rankings, and they’re also a 7-seed with Florida State in composite projections. Meanwhile, the Tigers aren’t on the tourney radar, ranked 68th. The Bearcats are just a four-point road favorite, so let’s hope the Tigers do the walkin’ in Memphis. FINAL: 69-64, Cincinnati

No. 26 Washington at Arizona:

This is a very similar game to the previous one. The Huskies — the Pac-12’s only current claim at legitimacy as its lone team in the top-60 — are a spot ahead of FSU in the NET and an 8-seed, presently. The once-powerful Wildcats are still a 1.5-point home favorite here, so here’s hoping they can channel the glory days. FINAL: 67-60, Washington

Penn State at No. 35 Ohio State:

The 9th-seeded Buckeyes are well within striking distance of the Seminoles, while the Nittany Lions are the lowest ranked squad of any in this update. Cheer for the road team in Columbus. FINAL: 74-70, Ohio State