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Florida State not ranked after series win

Despite taking a road series Florida State still can’t crack the top 25.

FSU Seminoles Baseball vs the Clemson Tigers
FSU Seminoles Baseball vs the Clemson Tigers
Courteney Korosec

Florida State went on the road and took a series from UVA but could not secure the sweep. Unfortunately their sweep over Clemson is looking less and less meaningful as the Tigers have now lost seven straight after dropping a mid-week game to Georgia and getting swept at home by Duke. FSU currently has a RPI of 64 and will need to keep winning in both the mid-week and weekend to bolster that number and hopefully crack D1Baseball’s top 25.

Top 25 Poll (with record)

  1. UCLA (30-7)
  2. Oregon State (28-8-1)
  3. Stanford (27-6_
  4. Georgia (33-8)
  5. Vanderbilt (31-9)
  6. Texas A&M (29-12-1)
  7. Louisville (31-9)
  8. Arkansas (30-10)
  9. Mississippi State (32-9)
  10. UC Santa Barbara (30-5)
  11. Georgia Tech (27-13)
  12. East Carolina (29-10)
  13. LSU (26-15)
  14. NC State (31-10)
  15. Arizona State (30-8)
  16. North Carolina (30-11)
  17. West Virginia (24-14)
  18. Texas Tech (25-13)
  19. Ole Miss (27-14)
  20. Tennessee (30-11)
  21. Baylor (26-12)
  22. Oklahoma State (25-13)
  23. Indiana (27-13)
  24. Miami (27-14)
  25. Auburn (26-14)

Dropped out of the Top 25 TCU — 19, Missouri — 21, Clemson — 24


  • With Mississippi State getting swept by Arkansas the PAC12 holds the top three spots in the top 25 for this week. The SEC controls the rest of the top 10 with just Louisville and UC Santa Barbara being the only entrants from outside those two conferences.
  • Another week, another struggle for NC State. The Wolfpack dropped their second straight series, this time to Wake Forest. The Pack have a big opportunity to right the ship with a series at Notre Dame on deck followed by home stands against Radford and a, currently, reeling Clemson before they have to go on the road to UNC. NC State could be playing for their hosting lives on the road at North Carolina even if they do take care of business the next few weeks.
  • Louisville is charging hard down the tracks to a regular season ACC title. Currently tied with NC State but owning the tie breaker the Cardinals have a slightly more difficult schedule than the Pack. Both face Notre Dame on the road but Louisville goes to Virginia and hosts Florida State while NC State hosts Clemson and visits UNC. The race could come down to the final series.

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