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Florida State football, recruiting news: Jameis Winston wants Nike to fix FSU’s uniforms

Now that FSU’s successful spring is over it’s time to hit the recruiting trail.

Maryland v Florida State Photo by Jeff Gammons/Getty Images


It’s not freshness that will revitalize FSU’s offense; it’s continuity. This is the offense that Willie Taggart wanted all along.

It was a successful spring game showing to wrap up Willie Taggart’s second spring as head coach.

Fresh faces in familiar places; the newcomers put on a bit of a show on Saturday.

Who are the ten best players in college football?

Here are some of the best photos from the Spring Game featuring Tamorrion Terry, DJ Matthews, and James Blackman.

Other Sports:

FSU baseball lost the series but won the finale against a bitter rival; FSU has lost six of its last eight games:

In softball, Meghan King is now FSU’s career leader in saves.


Top running back target Jaylan Knighton was shocked in a good way by his most recent FSU visit.

FSU is now the leader for four-star athlete Caziah Holmes.

“FSU is at the top. I would say they’re my leader right now,” Holmes told Noles247 on Sunday.

“I feel at home, I love the people around here, the recruiting class they got. I feel like they’re heading in the right direction.”

Top-100 offensive tackle Isaiah Walker is feeling really good about FSU after his latest visit.


Jameis Winston is arguably the best FSU player of all-time and it’s now apparently clear which of the two uniforms he preferred during his time in Tallahassee:

Brian Burns has matured mentally & physically for the NFL and the way he describes his go-to pass rush move is fascinating.

“I line up about 2-3 yards outside the tackle, and my aiming point is like three yards behind him. I cock it a little bit so I’m not going vertically down the field, I’m coming more at an angle toward him. Coming off the ball, of course you have to have a good get-off, I give him a little stutter, jab outside, I use my inside arm to chop both of his hands, and once you get the inside hand, it’s really over because he can’t really recover from that.