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Florida State baseball rises in polls

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Despite a middling mid-week slate FSU did just enough to see their stock rise in the latest polls.

Florida State Seminoles baseball vs North Florida Ospreys
Florida State Seminoles baseball vs North Florida Ospreys
Courteney Korosec

Florida State (34-18, 16-11) struggled in the mid-week going 1-2 against Jacksonville and Stetson including being no hit by Stetson but bounced back to sweep Richmond and send Mike Martin out at home with a win. The sweep was enough to see the Seminoles rise one spot in D1Baseball’s top 25. FSU now has an RPI of 58 and can get into the top 45 with two wins this weekend but that’s a tall task as Louisville is the best team in the ACC and will be playing at home. On the plus side the Cardinals just dropped two of three at Virginia and a mid-week home game against Vanderbilt so maybe they’re vulnerable.

Top 25 Poll (with record)

  1. UCLA (41-8)
  2. Vanderbilt (41-10)
  3. Stanford (37-9)
  4. Arkansas (39-13)
  5. Mississippi State (42-10)
  6. Georgia Tech (35-15)
  7. Georgia (39-14)
  8. East Carolina (39-12)
  9. Louisville (40-12)
  10. Texas Tech (34-14)
  11. Oregon State (33-15-1)
  12. Baylor (32-13)
  13. Oklahoma State (30-17)
  14. UC Santa Barbara (40-7)
  15. Ole MIss (32-20)
  16. Texas A&M (34-18-1)
  17. NC State (39-14)
  18. Miami (36-15)
  19. LSU (31-21)
  20. North Carolina (36-15)
  21. West Virginia (31-18)
  22. Florida State (34-18)
  23. Illinois (34-16)
  24. Missouri (34-18-1)
  25. Indiana (33-18)

Dropped out of the Top 25 Iowa — 24


  • The mid-week was pretty rough for many ACC baseball teams. FSU dropped two, including getting no-hit, Louisville dropped a game to Vanderbilt, NC State lost to Campbell, UNC to East Carolina (although they did beat Winthrop) and Miami fell to UCF.
  • The top five of this week’s are all very strong contenders to be your eventual national champion. UCLA has been dominant throughout the year and both Vanderbilt and Stanford have been staples of the top 10. Arkansas just took two of three from LSU in convincing fasion and Mississippi State just swept rival Ole Miss. Outside of the top five Georgia might be the biggest dark horse as they have one of the best one-two punches on the mound in college.
  • After losing the series to Illinois Indiana bounced back with a series win over B1G leading Michigan. The Hoosiers put up ten runs in each of the first two games before dropping the series finale 6-5. Indiana now hosts Lousiness on Tuesday and finishes out with Rutgers.

FSU in other polls

Florida State finishes the regular season with a tough road series at Louisville starting Thursday at 6:00.