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Starting offensive lineman enters the transfer portal...again

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FSU is down a big man at offensive tackle

Wake Forest v Florida State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

As first reported by Cole Cubelic of the SEC Network:

Landon Dickerson; FSU’s most talented offensive lineman has once again entered the transfer portal. This time he’s done it with the no-contact option meaning that he likely knows where he’s going to transfer should he ultimately follow through with the decision.

Dickerson has been FSU’s best/most talented offensive lineman since he arrived in the Fall of 2016 and has played well when available. Key word available as 2016, 2017, & 2018 have all ended in season-ending injuries to either his knee or ankles.

It’s more likely that Dickerson would’ve fielded less than 200 snaps this season than him completing his healthiest season in Tallahassee yet so if he does decide to leave that’s more reps for the player or players that might’ve replaced him regardless.

That does not mean that this is addition by subtraction. It’s still a potentially significant but not devastating loss for FSU. (Somewhat mitigated by the transfer of NIU OT Ryan Roberts who should be arriving on campus pretty soon).

What it does mean is that FSU’s path to a bad offensive line in 2019 just became more difficult and a path to below average is probably non-existent. [Bad would be a massive improvement]

Now FSU will look to Ryan Roberts, Jalen Goss, Jauan Williams, Abdul Bello & maybe a surprise or two to figure out its offensive tackle situation.