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FSU baseball’s season could end this Friday

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Is Florida State’s resume strong enough to survive another loss?

Joe Rondone-USA TODAY Sports

It is possible that Friday’s game against North Carolina State in the ACC Tournament could be Mike Martin’s last. The Seminoles RPI currently stands 55, it dropped from 50 after Tuesday’s lost to Wake Forest, their RPI was 56 heading into the tournament. Win or lose tomorrow the ’Noles RPI will go up because NC State’s RPI is currently at 18 in the country. A win and Florida State should feel comfortable about earning a regional bid. Lose and they could face the reality of missing a postseason for the first time in nearly four decades.

Even with a loss to the Wolfpack on Friday it is possible that Florida State would still sneak into the field of 64. The Seminoles finished with a 17-13 record in the ACC which would give them a comparable resume to that of the Clemson teams mentioned in the above tweet.

The name recognition that is associated with Florida State and the fact that this is Martin’s last year will also carry weight with the committee’s decision. The easy solution is to win Friday and with C.J. Van Eyk on the hill Florida State has a very good shot as he has been lights out over the past month. A win tomorrow would not be enough for the ’Noles to compete for an automatic bid by winning the tournament but it would allow them to return home, rest up and reset their rotation for the regional site they are sent to.