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FSU football practice report: Seminoles’ short Saturday session still sizzling

And a small update on Marvin Wilson’s injury. Don’t let yourself freak out just yet.

Saturday’s afternoon practice was just as miserably hot as yesterdays, but the media-viewing portion only lasted four periods compared to Friday’s eight. That being said, there isn’t too much to update at this time. However, I did make sure to bring a small army of portable fans for the media in an attempt to beat the heat and DT Robert Cooper took the opportunity to use one of them as we all met.


The starting offensive line was the same as yesterday: LT Jauan Williams, LG Brady Scott, C Baveon Johnson, RG Mike Arnold, and RT Ryan Roberts. The second-team unit was: LT Jalen Goss, LG Christian Armstrong, C Andrew Boselli, RG Dontae Lucas, and RT Chaz Neal. Arnold and Lucas continue to switch in and out.

Wide Receiver Tre’Shaun Harrison spoke with the media before practice as well and said Briles expects him to “play fast, catch the ball, and score touchdowns.” Harrison also mentioned that he will continue to play at slot receiver:

Wide receiver Tre’Shaun Harrison Media availability:

Posted by on Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Seminoles added transfer D’Anfernee McGriff to the wide receiver corp. McGriff is a Tallahassee native and played under Kendal Briles in 2017 at FAU as a tight end.

Injured/ not observed

Wide Receiver Warren Thompson was still not observed. Tamorrion Terry is still sidelined due to a minor surgery as well.


In case you might missed it, DT Marvin Wilson went down with an injury during ’Nole Drills on Friday afternoon and was notably absent from practice today. Willie Taggart did not speak with the media prior to practice this morning, so we are unable to provide an update at this time, but Melina Myers spotted the junior walking into the end of practice with a crutch and a brace on his right knee. Wilson was walking with DB Isaiah Bolden who has been absent from fall practice as well. The media will have an opportunity to speak with Taggart tomorrow and hopefully a status update on Wilson will be available.

Assumed starting defensive tackle Cory Durden arrived late to practice and with Wilson absent, the first-team was made up of NT Cooper, Cedric Wood and Dennis Briggs. The second-team consisted of NT Tru Thompson, Malcolm Lamar and Jamarcus Chapman.

The Seminoles’ Sunday practice will began around 2:30 pm.