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Florida State football, recruiting news: No national reporters are picking FSU to beat UVA

Not a lot of faith in these Seminoles.

Louisiana Monroe v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

13 different ESPN reporters pick every major college football game every weekend; all 13 expect FSU to lose to Virginia this Saturday. But our staff picks are yet to be released, so stay tuned for those, which will come out later today.

If it’s that much of a foregone conclusion will FSU even cover the spread?

So what exactly is UVA bringing to the table in 2019? A very elusive QB, an all-american in the secondary and 6’7 OLB that can really get after the QB.

Coach Taggart calls Leavitt a great addition to the staff; his value to FSU goes beyond his defensive pedigree as a former HC himself his organization skills behind the scenes will be a big-time addition.

Lack of on-field discipline by a few FSU defenders so far this year is starting to reflect with some noted changes in this week’s depth chart.

Louisiana Monroe pretty much played an umbrella coverage this week and FSU made a concentrated to work on its short to intermediate passing game it adds up when you look at this week’s passing chart.

Be very wary of the sleepwalk Saturday; this weekend is primed for upsets.


Four-star running back commitment Lawrance Toa’fili has been awesome so far in his senior season.

I don’t really care where a kid is ranked if I personally like the kid’s film and upside; with that being said if Morven Joseph doesn’t end the season as at least a composite four-star it will be a huge mistake.

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